Keianna John, Miss Dominica 2015 contestant
Keianna John, Miss Dominica 2015 contestant

ROSEAU, Dominica, 14 January 2015 (SUN) - Keianna John of Salisbury, contestant number two in the 2015 Miss Dominica Pageant, can now sleep peacefully knowing that she has been sponsored.

"I would like to thank the West Coast Corporative Credit Union Limited for taking this initiative for coming on board to sponsor me. The sponsorship is a large sum so I am very thankful. Not only have you supported me financially, this experience has boosted my self-confidence even higher and this allows persons to take me more seriously," said John at a ceremony at the Dominica Festivals Commission office at the Financial Centre in Roseau today.

She added: "I would like to promote you wherever I go as a thank you for this sponsorship and I promise on the night of February 6 I will be bringing home the crown to the West Coast Corporative Credit Union."

Meanwhile, representative of the West Coast Credit Union Helen Ambo said: "It is our time for West Coast together with Keianna to jump on the national train and the platform set by Mas Domnik," Royer said. "That's our girl and in sponsoring her we try to accomplish two things; firstly, we are investing in youth talent and youth dream and secondly, we share the responsibility for developing national heritage and culture."

"We hoping, of course, to make the most of it; for us it is a good investment. This does not mean we shall be in a position to sponsor every young person on the west coast who has a dream but we a grateful and this time we are making the effort," said Ambo.

In addition, she applauded John for her positive traits that has led her to the journey to the throne.

"In the choice that she has made we see traits that young people can emulate; for example, we see the trait to dare to stand out and dare to reach for the higher hanging fruit; we see the trait of having the courage to stand public scrutiny and we know how public scrutiny in Dominica can be brutal," she said.

Contestant Patrice Dorsette of Marigot is the only pageant entrant who has not been sponsored.