Miss Teen Dominica contestants 2015
Miss Teen Dominica contestants 2015

Raymond Lawrence and the Waitukubuli Dance Theatre should be able to organise Teenage pageants as easily as saying ABC. They have been doing that for 38 years. And their enthusiasm has not waned.

As in previous years, the Waitukubuli on Thursday introduced seven young beauties who hope to emerge as the winner of the Miss Teen Dominica Pageant scheduled for February 8, 2015 at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium.

The contestants are: Lecreesha Wallace from the Portsmouth Secondary School sponsored by Ross University School of Medicine; Katewanie Joseph, Dominica Grammar School sponsored by Dominica Lottery Commission; Ambrosia Jno Baptiste, Castle Bruce Secondary sponsored by Cadrec Auto Parts; Stacy Thomas, Goodwill Secondary School sponsored by Fone Shack; Sunzhara Banks, Isaiah Thomas Secondary School sponsored by DOMLEC; Aniel Pacquette, Pierre Charles Secondary sponsored by New India Insurance Company Limited and Tonilia Elie, Convent High School sponsored by Bullseye Pharmacy.

Chari Peter Miss Teen Dominica 2014, from the St John's Academy, said: "The National Miss Teen Dominica Franchise under the auspices of the Waitukubuli Dance Theatre Company gives every teenage girl the opportunity to make an appearance on the canvas of such a prestigious pageant."

She added that the pageant affords the young girls the opportunity to display talents and stands a stepping stone for participation in the Miss Dominica Pageant.

"Contestants also get the chance to make their first impression through their display of their various talents, artistry and elegance and many use the occasion as the stepping stone to the Miss Dominica Pageant," she said.

Meanwhile, Waitukubuli's Director Raymond Lawrence said: "The teen pageant is about the promotion of youth talent and youth dreams. It is a youth showcase of talent and skills it's a wonderful opportunity for the young people of Dominica to shine," Lawrence said. "It helps the young girls develop their speaking, modelling and performing skills and it also helps them develop their sense of self confidence and self-esteem."

He pointed out that events like the Miss Teen Dominica support visual and performing arts programmes which are now being taught in the schools.

"The teen pageant provides a stepping stone for young girls to go on to bigger pageants if they so desire; some of our teen pageants contestants have gone on to the Carnival Queen show and have in fact won the pageant. This goes to show when our youth gain experience from positive activities they can go on to accomplish even greater things for themselves and for their country," he stated. "Another thing is we should all see this show not so much as a competition but as a celebration of the talents of our youth; so we should applaud and encourage all the contestants because, in fact, they are all winners for taking part in the show. The contestants should focus more of what they have gained from the show in terms of experience rather than whether their school won or didn't win."