On a visit to China last week, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit promoted two projects to potential investors; the proposal includes a 200-unit housing complex in a scenic area and a 125-unit housing project in another mountainous area, the WantChinaTimes website has reported.

Skerrit also promoted an additional four or five development projects, the website said.

China has become a target of countries around the world seeking investors, according to Roosevelt Skerrit, prime minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica who made a private visit to China last week in a bid to lure investment immigrants, the WantChinaTimes.com has reported.

Quoting the Shanghai's China Business News, the website said Skerrit told the paper that there are two ways to immigrate to his country: apply directly to the government or obtain nationality with an investment of at least US$200,000.

He said the main purpose of his visit was to meet potential investors, adding that his country's investment immigration has international certification and offers good opportunities for Chinese investors.

"He said restrictions and requirements for investment immigration are not strict and that once conferred, nationality will be valid forever", the website stated. "He said that his country will not impose property tax and will not try to control the gains of the investors, nor will it ask the applicants to be able to speak or write English".

The website said Skerrit was asked whether the influx of a large number of immigrants will cause a backlash of resentment among local people and he said he has no worries about this at all.

"He said his people regard themselves as people of the world and are hoping for more tourists and investors to go in and out of the country freely," the website stated.

"On whether he is worried about Chinese corrupt officials channelling their illegal gains into his country, he said each investment case will be reviewed comprehensively. The investment projects are not aimed at providing a convenient destination for corrupt officials in China or the United States," the website said Skerrit stated.