A student diaplays a book she has been reading
A student diaplays a book she has been reading

Books can be significantly damaged through misuse and bad handling.

Often, books are substituted for folders, pillows, and even umbrellas when it rains.

Some students turn down the corners of the pages to mark their places while others underline and write in them. Books can also be good places to determine some students' favourite snacks as many eat while reading.

With proper care and attention, books can be preserved for future use. Here are some tips to students who wish to take care of school textbooks and library books:

  • Don't turn down the corner of a page to mark your place. Eventually the edge will tear off and information will be lost. Also, do not use pens, pencils, and rulers as bookmarkers to do so as these can damage the book's spine. Instead, create your own bookmarks with paper.

  • Don't put an open book face down on the ground. Use a bookmark.

  • Keep your books in a dry, safe place at home such as on a bookshelf or in a drawer. The dining table is not a safe place.

  • Keep your books out of the reach of babies. They can damage books by tearing or marking pages. Keep your books out of the reach of pets since they may be tempted to chew off pages.

  • Don't read and eat at the same time. This will attract rodents, ants and other pests to your books.

  • Wash and dry hands before you begin to read.

  • Put your books in a plastic bag when taking them outside.

  • Don't use books as umbrellas.

  • Turn pages from the top rather than the bottom. This will prevent tearing.

  • Do not use your book as a sleeping pill. If you fall asleep while reading you may cause damage to the book during the course of your sleep.

  • Don't carry paper or objects in your books. This can cause damage to a book's spine.

  • Protect your books by using clear plastic covers

  • Prevent mildew by placing cloves in the corners of bookshelves.

  • Ensure bookshelves are not exposed to warmth, sunlight or moisture. In the absence of bookshelves, store books upright in a box.