The Dominica Cricket Umpires Association held its 52nd Annual General Meeting on Saturday 12th March at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium.

Outgoing president Lennox Abraham, who served in the capacity for 21 years, chaired the meeting where he welcomed the attendees and said his service comes to an end as he was of the view that someone else should take over. He thanked members for their cooperation during his term in office.

Pastor Auguiste led the meeting in prayer. In addition, the meeting heard kind remarks from Mr. Mc. Dowell Paul who represented the Dominica Cricket Association (DCA) in the absence of the president Mr. Emmanuel Nanthan; he extended best wishes on behalf of the president. Also addressing the meeting was Mr. Trevor Shillingford, Sports Coordinator, who represented the Minister for Sports. Mr. Shillingford made some valuable remarks on the role of the umpire such as the cricket law book must always be their guide. Most importantly, he said, umpires must make sure that the games that are called off are not due to the non-availability of umpires.

Mr. Phillip Alleyne paid tribute to the out-going president, Lennox Abraham who replaced Alleyne in 1995. Mr. Alleyne said that when Abraham replaced him 21 years ago he had no doubt that this was a very good choice and for 21 years of his leadership of the Association he had no regrets as the Association remained the top Association in the Windwards.

Mr. Alleyne called on whoever replaces Mr. Abraham to take note that in the last 52 years of the existence of the Association there has been only two long-serving presidents – Mr. Abraham and Mr. Alleyne.

"Well done good and faithful servant. You have done well by heading this Association for 21 years", said Alleyne to Abraham on behalf of the Association.

Mr. Alleyne also mentioned the passing of a former umpire Allister Douglas who served the Association in the Sixties and the Seventies until he retired. He was a very competent umpire who could be relied on when called upon to officiate. His quiet disposition made him a respectable official. His body was laid to rest on Friday 18th March, 2016 at the Roman Catholic Cemetery. May his soul rest in peace.

Other matters dealt with at the AGM were the presentation and acceptance of the Secretary's and Treasurer's reports.

The following persons were elected to the executive of the DCUA: President, Heston Charles; Vice President, Michael Royer; Secretary, Joseph Thomas; Treasurer, Aundy Williams; Committee Members: Lenny Dangleben, Billy Doctrove.

At the end of the AGM the elected members thanked the general body for placing their trust and confidence in them.

In closing, the DCUA presented a big birthday cake to founder and long-serving President Mr. Phillip Alleyne on the occasion of his 89th birthday.