At the first anniversary of the July 12 Movement
At the first anniversary of the July 12 Movement

July 12th 2016 will be the 203rd anniversary of the death in battle of illustrious Maroon leader, Chief Jacko. It is the third time that the anniversary will be observed under the auspices of the 12th of July Movement. Since the 12th this year will fall on a week day (Tuesday), the commemoration will take place on Sunday 10th July at the Old Market in Roseau starting at 4.00 p.m.

"The public are invited to share with the Movement this act of remembrance and recognition of the unique contribution of our Maroon ancestors to the never ending struggle of humankind for liberty, dignity and autonomy of identity. The Maroons, along with their Kalinago predecessors, represented that struggle in this island," a release from the Movement said.

"We want to ensure that the memory of their deeds will never perish from the earth.

"Our aim is to transform the Old Market in Roseau into a national monument of remembrance in their honour and in the honour of all those who suffered under and fought against slavery.

"It will also help our heritage tourism economy immensely," the release said.

The 2016 programme will include power talks, the Libation at the WELL, rendition of the newly composed "song to the Heroes" and a treat of "wawa" cocoa tea with cane juice and coconut milk.

"We will also announce plans for an expedition to find the "Grand Camp" of the Maroons, hidden in the forest somewhere we believe on Morne Neg Mawon. This will be the first of a series of such expeditions to discover and restore the 13 or so other Maroon camps in our forests, a project that will not only help our nation building, but boost our economy as well<" the release stated.

Guest of honour will be Kalinago Chief, Charles Williams.