Home of Ms. Elvin at Canefield decorated with an array of lights
Home of Ms. Elvin at Canefield decorated with an array of lights

Dominica's unique symbols and traditions of Christmas make us soften our view of life.

Times may be hard, yet there is something about the way we celebrate Christmas that makes us thankful for our blessings and fills us with a spirit of faith, hope and charity.

In our diverse society, the welcoming warmth of the Christmas spirit is a precious gift that can melt differences in race, religion, culture even politics.

Since Christmas celebrates the coming of the lord and savior, Jesus Christ, it is fitting that the season tends to inspire true believers to reach out those in need, as Jesus always did.

While the season brings much joy to many of us, often affording precious time with friends, family and loved ones, it is worth remembering that for some such joy is out of reach.

The symbols and traditions of Christmas have a different meaning for those who are underprivileged, neglected, disadvantaged and whose lives are challenging in some way.

For them, Christmas with all its trappings does not bring joy, but sadness and often bitterness. For them it highlights what they have lost, what they lack or what they never got.

Our 2016 Christmas Supplement seeks to look at Christmas in Dominica from unusual angles and give readers thought-provoking perspectives that they might have missed.

Some of the articles focus on the treasured, joyful aspects of Christmas in Dominica while others focus on local charities, and the challenges they face.

We also look at persons with a different view of Christmas, for whom the season's bounty only accentuates the scarcity and want they live with daily.

The fact that there are some in our midst who are in dire or desperate circumstances is a reality we all should face  and Christmas and its spirit of love should prod us to help them.

May faith, hope and charity always endure, not only during the season, but the whole year round. May this Supplement help direct the flow of our faith, hope and charity.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Happy New Year!