Lennox Linton addresses a press conference  on Friday May 26 2017
Lennox Linton addresses a press conference on Friday May 26 2017

The date is set and all systems are in place for the holding of the Delegates Convention of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP). That's the word from political leader Lennox Linton.

Speaking to the SUN in an exclusive interview, Linton said "the General Council of the party met and set the date for the delegate's convention as April 29, 2018 for Grand Fond.

"What I can say to you is that nomination is open and that is how the process is, people can also be nominated from the floor," Linton said.

The post of deputy political leader is expected to be a new individual after the holder of that post, Member of Parliament for Roseau South, Joshua Francis, was forcefully removed by a special delegate's conference after he was embroiled in a legal matter. Francis has since challenged his arrest via Judicial Review and the matter is before Justice Bernie Stephenson for her decision.

Linton has confirmed that if he is nominated for the post of political leader, he will accept. Linton was elected leader of the UWP in 2013 and he led the party into the 2014 general elections. The UWP did not win the elections but increased its seats in the Dominica Parliament by three, to six seats.

Linton was reelected leader in 2015 with Joshua Francis as deputy and Ronald Charles as the party's president.

Speculation is rife however, that Charles, a lawyer by profession, will not be contesting the post of president in April so that he has more time to concentrate on contesting the Roseau Valley seat that he narrowly lost, a source told the Sun.

Another post that is expected to be up for grabs will be that of the General Secretary currently held by Diane Maronie.

Charles and Maronie declined a request to comment.