Six cultural stalwarts are to be awarded the Golden Drum on August 4th at the Old Mill Cultural Centre. Here are they:

Aileen Burton

A few years ago, Aileen Burton was responsible for research and documentation at the Cultural Division. She is also president and cultural custodian of the Roseau Cultural Group (RCG) a group that works at preserving the genuine National Dress and raises awareness of its value and history.

Jeno Jacob

Dominica's top short story writer Jeno J. Jacob has made an outstanding contribution to literary development in Dominica. Jacob has won 11 first prizes during Dominica's Independence Day Short Story Competitions. His short story has been used in film. He is currently completing two novels to be released at the end of 2018. One of his books, "How the Agouti Lost His Tail", will be used in Secondary Schools in Dominica this year.

Donnavan Samuel

Donnavan Samuel is the drummer who animates the Pointe Michel St. Luke's School Folk Dancers, a unit formed and directed by Sr. Anita Peter, Principal of the Primary School and completely separate from the Pointe Michel Cultural Group. Donnavan not only drums with the group, but he also patiently teaches the children the Bèlè, Quadrille, Heel-and-Toe, Sotis and Mazouk dances. He has performed with the Roseau Cultural group and the Pointe Michel Cultural Group led by Joan Frampton.

Cornel Phillip

Cornell Emanuel Phillip's formative years were spent in an environment rich in the practice and appreciation of music.

With a mind programmed for musical excellence, he lapped up the experience, assimilated it and over time, spewed it out in a distilled way that earned him the title of Cornell "Fingers" Phillip.

At an early age Cornell studied the piano with his sister Valena Letang. While Cornell was still at SMA, the pioneers of Bouyon Music, WCK, was born with the collaboration of the members of a band called Roof Top Connection. WCK took off in the early 90's releasing hits like "Conch Shell," "Balance Batty" and "Band Wagon Train".

Michele Henderson

Whether it's in English, French or Creole; Zouk, R&B, Jazz, Reggae or Retro Soul, the accolades are consistent. Michele Henderson has become one of the Caribbean's premier female vocal talents. Michele has earned her status as an all- rounder - writer, flautist and vocalist. She has produced many albums since releasing her self-entitled debut album "Michele Henderson" in October, 2000.


Julian "Superior Picky" Lockhart, a 47 year Calypso veteran, started singing Calypso in 1968. "Not Junior Monarch but the big competition," said Picky. "I opened the show, Patrick John was the master of ceremony, the band was Mind Benders from Pointe Michel and I sang "Newtown Square". Pickey has been in the Calypso Finals 17 times and has won the Independence King crown five times and the King Extravaganza crown once.