Annalisa Jensen created a "Book" out of galvanize sheets on which "victims" wrote dozens of messages like "Maria was weird".

She won the first prize at the WhoOosh!! Award ceremony held on Friday at the Alliance Fran├žaise de la Dominique building on Valley Road, Roseau.

Helenia Darroux took a selfie photo at the WhoOosh!! Exhibition of her head-tie, as she stood before a painting of a face with a similar head-tie worn by a tearful lady in a Hilroy Fingal 24" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas painting that he named: "I Remember".

Supported by DEXIA, Dominica's Export Import Agency and organised by the Waitukubuli Artist Association, the exhibition, depicting Hurricane Maria themes, was held at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium and the Old Mill Cultural Centre from 27 July to 3 August 2018.

"I'm looking forward to greater things with WhoOosh," said Lloyd Pascal, DEXIA's representative. "DEXIA is involved in promoting not only fresh produce. We are in fact involved in the promotion of exports of the cultural industry as well, our talents and skills".

The prize winners were: 1st Prize: Annalisa Jensen; Sarana Rolle 2nd Prize: Keard George; Chase Lawrence

3rd Place: Anella Shillingford; Ray Francis

Photographer Award: Marica Honychurch; Zaimis Olmos

Winners for the Sa Ka Fete Selfie Competition: 1st Place - Ebony Phiana; 2nd place- Francine Baron; 3rd place - Dafar Armour

Winners for the WhoOosh photo competition: 1st place - Helenia Darroux; 2nd place - Nathalie Roland