Ann Graham
Ann Graham

"No hurricane not coming," grumbled Bwa Agouti as soon as his parents left him alone. Every year his parents would tell him that a hurricane was coming however nothing ever came except for a little wind and rain. So starting from this year, Bwa Agouti had decided that he was no longer going to bother himself about hurricanes anymore. As a matter of fact, he believed that hurricanes are made up stories that parents use to scare their children into staying inside.

So, later that afternoon, when Bwa Agouti had become quite bored of being inside a hollow Mahogany tree, he decided to disobey his parents and sneak outside to go play with its roots instead. Eventually, he got so caught up in playing that he didn't even realize the wind had started to pick up until a strong wind came and pushed him. Bwa Agouti frightened and immediately tried to climb back up but the wind kept getting stronger and stronger. So he held onto the trunk of the tree with all his strength while leaves and branches started flying all over the place. Bwa Agouti was terrified.

"Helppppppp! helppppppp!" he screamed.

A few moments later, Bwa Agouti felt a tug on his arm. He looked up and saw that it was his father with his arms stretched out towards him while holding unto a twine with his other. Quickly Bwa Agouti grabbed his father's arm and with all their might pulled themselves in. All was safe once again.

Of course, four hours later as soon as the hurricane was over Bwa Agouti got a scolding that he would never forget. However he learnt a very important lesson indeed: hurricanes are real and should always be taken seriously!