If one were to ask a young person about entering the field of politics, his/her first reaction would probably be: "Not me and politics, too much tongue- lashing" Young people today seem to have developed a mental block where politics is concern, and that is not encouraging as we look to the future. The question is: Whom should we hold responsible for such a shift in their mental construct? Should we blame the behavior of some of our politicians? or Should we blame the electorate?

Many people may have their own perspective on politics as a career choice, but it is important to note that it is not wrong for persons to be involved in the political process. In fact, people in democratic countries have the opportunity to vote, and there are a number of God-fearing people throughout the world whom God has chosen to have political careers.

What I believe causes some level of discomfort in the minds of our young people today is the constant 'breaking down' from various sides. Take for instance, what we have seen occurring again and again at political campaigns, most of the times, are opportunities for wagging war, demonizing one another, employing the sharpest and at times the nastiest rhetoric. That's not the mandate for the church, and as a people we must REJECT that kind of politics. Political ethics, according to one writer, 'are still an important part of the political consciousness and such may be called into question when candidates challenge each other on activities deemed unethical or when individual citizens make choices about candidates they want to support on the basis of candidate behaviors.'

The time has come when politicians must begin the process of molding and nurturing young minds for the important task of nation building. Dominica is ours to build. We need to encourage our young people to see politics as a possible career choice, one in which they could see themselves one day contributing positively to the development of their country. In fact, there are many politicians, over the years, who have contributed positively to the development of this beautiful Nation. We must never forget their outstanding contribution and dedication to Nation- Building.

The process of revitalizing young minds into the field of politics will require a lot of hard work. First of all, we need to re-assure this young generation that by choosing politics, they are making the right choice. We need to also show them by way of example that authentic love, unity, peace and our service to country can indeed propel us to achieving our goals. It is necessary that we build on that foundation while we still have time.