DFP Column strip
DFP Column strip

The Dominica Freedom Party again places on record that it condemns the assault on the parliamentary representative for the Roseau North Constituency Honourable Danny Lugay on the afternoon of Saturday, August 15, 2020 by the Commonwealth of Dominica police security detail of the Prime Minister.

You see, a faction of the police force seems to be a rogue gang involved in unlawful activity and definitely involved in the protection of a tyrant and his political regime. The Skerrit – led political regime seems to have had much to hide and they are determined to protect the illegitimacy of their rule, therefore they have been fashioning the police force into their protection and suppression agency.

We have already seen how the Commonwealth of Dominica Police force was so eager to use deadly force against the people. For instance, we would have witnessed the murder of people in Salisbury if any of these villagers who were at the time sleeping, had for one moment resisted the brutal tear gas attract on them in December 2019. This was a wicked and unconscionable act by the police force. There are many other examples of the intimidatory and political suppression tactics of the police, but generally we frequently observe the eagerness of the police to use deadly force – often spotting military gear and automatic guns with their hands to the trigger as if looking for the slightest provocation to unleash their evil.

But it is good that maybe a majority of the police force are good people – honourable men and women. But many of these good people are systematically victimized, side-lined or are not otherwise used within police units or groups that are given the role to protect the evil regime. Moreover, there has been a calculated attempt to fill the top ranks of the police force with persons who would serve the Prime Minister's evil interest rather than uphold rule of law in a non-partisan way.

Let us appeal to all the good policemen to remain steadfast in doing the right thing. We know that you are trained to follow commands. But we want to tell you that the moral law should supersede your training to follow commands. You have to get the strength to say no to commands that are not lawful or just, even if that means losing your jobs. There are times you may have to prevent your fellow officers from breaking the law and brutalizing the people. This is your nation that is being destroyed and you must be determined not to allow yourself to be used for that. There may come a time when you may have to prevent your fellow officers from murdering the people. Prepare yourselves for that time. Please do not resign because if you do that the bad cops will be able to operate more freely.

Let us also speak to the young police officers. Some of your commanding officers will want to exploit your inexperience and at some point, will want you to use unjustified deadly force against your fellow Dominicans. But we want you to critically analyse the times that we are in and temper your reaction given that many of the commands you will receive will be politically motivated.

But the Prime Minister is certainly a very nervous individual. He knows that the majority of Dominicans living in Dominica has rejected him and that majority – those opposed to his evil and illegitimate reign, is growing. That really gets him nervous.

But the poisoned atmosphere in our country is beyond the mere partisan rivalry and differences of opinion. Our country is being destroyed and our freedom is being lost. Therefore it cannot be business as usual for patriotic Dominicans. For some of us must pursue unconventional strategies even when these are not within the mainstream focus of our organizations. I pray that God will give all of us the wisdom to recognize the time we are in and the strength to act accordingly. It takes unity of purpose and co-ordinated actions across political, private sector and civic organizations to defeat the evil that is confronting our nation. This evil in our country cannot stand if we are all united against it. The police guns will not prevail against the people if we all stand in unity of purpose and co-ordinate our actions.

We have to be smarter than these evil people. We have to be more organized than they are. We must not allow them to dictate our timing and our actions. Our just fight must be superior to their determination to remain in power at any cost; we must sell the truth better that they sell their lies. I must admit that they are very good at selling lies!

The struggle must be on several fronts – legal, economic, enlightenment of the people, showing up at the polls when that time comes, among other morally right strategies. Let us pursue these options prayerfully.

Kent Vital Political Leader Dominica Freedom Party.