Label of Kubuli beer
Label of Kubuli beer

Roseau – A new era in the beverage industry in Dominica will be ushered in on the 1st of July when Dominica Brewery and Beverage Ltd. (DBBL) officially transfers the distribution of its products to a locally-owned company Belfast Estate Ltd.

Belfast Estate Ltd., already well-known as the leading manufacturer and distributor of rum in Dominica, will be expanding its portfolio to include exclusive island-wide distribution of the beloved beverages Kubuli, Guinness, Vitamalt, and Pinehill juices. DBBL, will retain an element of the brand's operations and continue as a supplier.

Country Manager, Shafia London, emphasized that local customers will still enjoy the same great taste of the DBBL range while Belfast sets its sights on developing the brands to improve the overall 'customer experience' and deliver top standard service to the people of Dominica.

"Belfast Estate Ltd. is poised to revitalize the industry in a way that will maximize the benefits for Dominicans," she said. London also assured that there would be no disruption to service delivery during this exciting new transition period.

Regional Head Delcio Toribio said he had full confidence in the ability of Belfast Estate Ltd. to grow the brand to new heights while remaining committed to providing superior quality beverages to Dominicans. "Despite operating in challenging economic times and forging our way through the devastation of a hurricane, as well as the current pandemic, we at DBBL have always prided ourselves on our first-class products," he said. "In order for us to continue to strive for the same kind of excellence in all facets of our business, we have made the decision that it is essential for us to partner with Belfast Estate Ltd. We have no doubt they will go above and beyond to realize their vision of revamping the industry, spearheaded by an unprecedented level of customer service delivery".

He added that as DBBL commences the transition of distribution for their product portfolio to Belfast Estate Ltd., he is confident that key stakeholder relationships will not just be maintained, but will thrive, due to Belfast's dedication to DBBL customers, partners, and the people of Dominica.

"DBBL extends our sincere gratitude for the support we have received from Dominicans throughout the years, and we are excited to continue in our new role as a supplier to a home-grown Dominican company whose operations are aligned with local interests," he said.

Belfast Estate Ltd. is committed to offering opportunities to DBBL employees made redundant by the impending transition where possible. It is hoped that these team members will continue to lend their support in the growth of the products and the changing landscape of beverage distribution in the Caribbean.