COVID- quarantine centre at Portsmouth
COVID- quarantine centre at Portsmouth

That's how COVID-19 patients describe gov't quarantine facility

COVID-19 infected patients at the Government Quarantine Facility say though they do not expect five-star resort accommodations their current quarantine arrangements are "inhumane" and a "den for reinfection".

Many patients told The Sun that they are experiencing fear, panic, and anxiety over re-contracting the virus.

Recently, the government announced that to cope with the increasing number of active COVID-19, a new COVID-19 isolation facility was opened to care for individuals who have tested positive for the virus.

"What we have done is that we have separated the symptomatic patients from the asymptomatic patients, so we have dedicated the St. James COVID Centre exclusively to symptomatic patients", Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit stated during a radio interview.

He revealed that the facility can accommodate 60 symptomatic patients per floor whilst asymptomatic patients, (patients with no symptoms) are placed in some apartments that the government has rented in Portsmouth.

One individual who spoke to The Sun on the usual condition of anonymity said that upon her positive test result from an antigen test, she was removed from her home and placed in the isolation facility awaiting her PCR results.

The woman said she was promised a private room but upon arrival at the isolation centre, what awaited her was a far cry from what was offered and she was forced to be cramped up in an area with several other people with no privacy or security.

"I live alone so I could have been quarantined at home. I'm in an area where I have to share a bathroom with multiple people who are COVID-19 positive and I may or may not be COVID positive. The place is hot and there is no social distancing. Don't put people in a place you wouldn't want yourself or your family to stay in," she said.

She added that those who have expressed concerns were advised to sleep with their mask while outdoor activity on the compound was restricted.

"We are not animals; the government cannot have people in that condition that worse than a prison... I cannot even use the toilet because no water; I can't wash my hands; mosquitoes are eating me alive; it's like an oven, no fan, no AC-nothing-not even a cup of tea we can make. that's just not right," she said.

Another individual who also spoke to the SUN on the condition of anonymity stated that since his arrival at the isolation centre he has received no medication except for daily temperature checks.

"At this point, I'm just scared that I will re-contract the virus while I'm here. I try to practice social distancing but that's difficult when you're in an area with many other people who disregard orders from the health care workers," he said.

He continued: "if I have no symptoms then I should be placed on home quarantine because by me being in this place I will get sick."

One patient who received medication said it was administered by Cuban healthcare workers but due to the language barrier, no instructions are given on when to take the medication.

Another individual voiced concerns over the alleged leniency by officers on duty at the facilities.

"This is certainly a reinfection den. Some people walking around with no mask; they mingling with others while some of us are here doing our best to get out of this place. In the night it's a real struggle to sleep because some people choose to stay up talking late and loud; so it's just a nightmare."

There have also been complaints of poor-quality food being served.

The health officials have since announced that asymptomatic fully vaccinated COVID-19 positive individuals will be subjected to at-home quarantine for a period of 10 days while unvaccinated people, as well as all symptomatic patients, will be placed in the government isolation facilities.