Former political leader of the Dominica Freedom Party Kent Vital
Former political leader of the Dominica Freedom Party Kent Vital

Last week I noted that while I was not against the use of vaccines as part of the strategy mix to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, I am however suspicious of the global vaccination campaign. This was simply because information surrounding the pandemic just doesn't add up. We outlined the many areas that don't add up and we asked the following question. Why is it that governments and global elites want everyone to take the COVID-19 vaccines besides the seeming cover-up reasons?

We then asked - might it be that the initial fear generated by COVID-19 have led to such extensive economic and social disruption due to lockdowns that the world is simply desperate to get back to normal given that governments and businesses are facing severe economic pain and financial stress and that individuals are stressed by the ordeal? Might such desperation be leading governments and businesses to put forward the COVID-19 vaccines as the quickest way to return to normal, but to make the public comply with their wishes, they have decided to use devious strategies? We dealt with this in some detail, but in the end, we noted that the explanation does not account for many of the suspicions.

"Big Pharms" corporate greed and their influence on WHO, CDC and governments, maybe yet another reason for some of the inconsistencies that we observe. But let us set out three other possible reasons why there may be a push for vaccination. However, before doing so, let us note another inconsistency that shows how ridiculous this push has become. In the USA there is a push by the federal government and by some businesses to mandate COVID-19 vaccination.

A major tool in that regard is for businesses to require employees to be vaccinated if they are to keep their Jobs. Now if the major reason for this mandate is to reduce the spread of the virus under the assumption that the vaccinated have a significant degree of immunity making them less likely to spread the virus, then the same privilege should be extended to those who have gotten immunity from natural infection with the virus. But no such courtesy is being extended to persons previously infected with the virus but not vaccinated, even though research has shown that persons with natural immunity have greater protection from infections, illness, and death than persons with vaccine-induced immunity. This helps to show that the US government joined by many corporations is simply interested in persons taking the vaccines and not in people's health, otherwise, they would have made allowance for natural immunity. This in itself is a compelling point that a perverse agenda is being pursued through vaccination rather than phony reasons they are giving. And it appears that many Caribbean governments are either dumb enough to copy the Americans or to simply follow the dictates of global elites or they are part of the ploy and in the process, they are betraying their people.

Don't get me wrong – the disease is real, although it may be overhyped to create fear. A big question, therefore, is whether this particular coronavirus was modified to infect humans and to be more harmful than it would have otherwise been? There are many reputable doctors and scientists all over the world who believe that the spike protein on the virus was engineered to be more infectious and deadly to humans. Hence, for me, it is not about denying that the disease exists, rather it is about understanding what might be the other agendas that world governments and the global elites may be pursuing and whether the other agendas would be more deadly to me than infection from the virus itself given that there are treatment options. In other words, I am asking whether the vaccines (the mRNA and the DNA vaccines that may be part of a perverse ploy) would be more deadly to the world eventually compared with the risk of not being vaccinated and being infected with the virus.

So, while many persons don't know what the exact agenda may be, they certainly think that something is very wrong with the vaccination campaign. Could it be that there is a population agenda that may be realized through vaccine injury especially in the medium to long term or through greater infertility that may later emerge?

Could they be pursuing a counter-terrorism strategy by seeking to alter the genes which they think influences religious persons into committing acts of terrorism? To do this, they would have to put other things in the vaccines that they do not tell you about. I will have to explain this some more in another article.

Or is this simply the ushering in of the new world order and the precursor to a one-world government as foretold in the Bible? Would booster shots become the new global tax? Pay (take the vaccines) or die, be imprisoned or be killed? I will need to explain these potential explanations some more, so stay tuned for the next few articles.

Kent Vital Economist