Sydney Goring
Sydney Goring

Sydney Goring of Guyana, who now lives in Dominica, has already made a name for himself in the local business community at the mere age of 22.

Goring works with the firm Brisk Security as a Security Officer and is stationed at Jolly's Pharmacy. He was introduced to the security business about a year ago and has never turned back.

"When I went to the interview, the Manager really liked how I kept myself, my attitude, my punctuality. The next day, I got a call and I was hired on the spot."

Goring has no complaints about the job and only speaks positive words about his work life in Dominica.

"Customer service is the most important thing in this job," he said. "You have to have a friendly and polite attitude and a polite face. When I just started everybody was shocked, everybody was saying 'wow, first time I see a security guard like that'."

This Guyanese national, who initially came to Dominica at a very young age, fell in love with the country while growing up here and it naturally became home to him.

"I came when I was two years old, and from then to now I just love Dominica, the culture, the sights. It is nice and there are friendly people here. I love Dominica and I love my home country, Guyana, too. Dominica is really home," Goring said.

He is well known for his pleasant mannerisms and interaction with clients and staff, this led him to be awarded the Customer Service Star of Excellence Award 2021, by the Dominica Institute of Customer Service.

"I was ecstatic," Goring said. "I was surprised also. When I got the call from my manager saying I got nominated for the Best Customer Service Award, I said 'what? Seriously?' I went home and told my parents and they were surprised and excited."

But why is top-notch customer service delivery so important to Sydney?

"I take after my dad. He is a customer service training officer and I have been taking training from him. That is how I am built, basically, I am polite in a gentlemanly way. I am a friendly face," he said.

Goring makes sure not to keep this talent to himself and has been training others to follow in his footsteps.

"I have been training one or two security guards from last year to now. It has been going good. I am showing them a few things. They are picking it up slowly but surely. They are getting there," he said.

Sydney has now been on the island for 13 consecutive years and has learned to blaze a trail for himself.

"I went back to Guyana with my mom when I was ten to finalize some things. And after that, we just moved everything to Dominica. So, from that time to now I have really grown, I went to school here, and I did very well for myself," Goring said.

He has a lot to look forward to in years to come and plans to use his talent and passion to help Dominica, the country he calls home.

Though he loves his job as a security guard Sydney already has plans to have his own business one day.

"I'm planning to open a car dealership and am currently doing market research. I want to focus on the farmers and regular local people and have affordable cars and parts. That is my business concept."

Goring foresees his potential business as the perfect marriage between his love for cars and his passion for customer service.

"I love cars, that is my passion. So, I want to go into the vehicle industry. I know every bit of information about a car, I am a car enthusiast. When I open my business, I want my staff to be trained in customer care. So, when you walk in you will see that Sydney Goring has really progressed and his staff is well trained," he said.

  • By Andrea Louis