Beno picks six
Beno picks six

If Hunter believes in the Bible he prays that the Holy Book is wrong on one thing- the first will not be last as far as Calypso is concerned.

And Wedd will swear on the Bible that God is never wrong: when it comes to Calypso the last shall be first.

But then God will not be a judge, at least not directly, at the Calypso Finals on Saturday night at the Windsor Park Stadium.

This afternoon Calypso fans found out who will be first and last and all the other numbers in between when the competitors dipped at the Calypso House at Bath Estate.

The process was facilitated by LIME and Josephine Gabriel & Company.

Here are the positions picked raffle-style from a big box:

  1. Hunter

  2. Wave

  3. Leona

  4. Dice

  5. Bobb

  6. Beno

  7. Black Diamond

  8. Booplay

  9. Picky

  10. Webb