Accused murderer, right, site of the crime, centre and victim
Accused murderer, right, site of the crime, centre and victim

As the High Court recounted the shock, trauma and tears of the killing, Police Inspector George Theophile continued giving evidence as the trial of Rodman Moses Lewis, who is charged with murder of Triscia Riviere, his former girlfriend, went into a third week.

Riviere's alleged murder occurred at her home on 25 Cherry Lane, Simon Bolivar at Stock Farm in 2005

A jury of five men and four women are currently listening to the case before Justice Wynante Adrien-Roberts at the Roseau High Court.

State Attorney Sherma Dalrymple leads the prosecution with Counsel Anthony Commodore conducts the defence.

During the first week of the trial, Alana John Baptiste, a childhood friend of the deceased, described seeing Lewis slam his foot on a supine Triscia on the kitchen floor in the presence of two small children.

Riviere's neighbour, Sylvestre John Baptiste, a retired prison officer and Perseus Thomas, a retired Mental Health Nurse, were on Sylvestre's front porch when Alana John Baptiste and Rodman Lewis walked passed on the road to the next house.

"A short time later a young lady came out of the house screaming at the top her voice, and hysterical: "Somebody help,'" said Sylvestre John Baptiste, words that were later repeated by Thomas.

Sylvestre led the way to his neighbour's house followed by Thomas, where they met the accused in the living room. The first thing he told Sylvester was

"I kill Triscia! I kill Triscia!' I told him what stupidness you telling me there. You don't know the nature of your job? I went in the kitchen area. I saw Triscia lying on the northern end of the kitchen on her back. She was gasping for breath. What appeared to be blood was coming out of her mouth and nose. Her face was deformed, and her head and neck in an awkward position," Sylvestre John Baptiste told the court.

Perseus Thomas was a few feet behind Sylvestre. Thomas rushed out of the house. Sylvestre heard the accused say to someone on his phone "I kill Triscia! I kill Triscia!"

The witness said he saw "Rodman Lewis go towards the kitchen area then I heard three heavy sounds like somebody pounding something."

Sylvestre left the house and joined Perseus Thomas who was trying to call the ambulance. By then Inspector Roy Pascal was on the scene. Sylvestre spoke with him.

Sylvestre said he was taken aback at the horror of the scene.

At his turn on the witness stand, Perseus Thomas said it was about 7-10 minutes after the young lady came out screaming for help at the top of her voice and asking for help for Triscia that she is dying. On entering the deceased house behind Sylvestre, he noticed Mr Rodman Lewis, a friend of his son, standing very casually and calm with his cell phone in his hand. He told Sylvestre that he had killed Triscia.

Perseus said when Sylvestre entered the kitchen he put his hands on his head and began shaking, traumatised. He was in shock.

"I went on into the kitchen and I saw Triscia in the kitchen lying in the corner on the floor. Blood was coming from her mouth and nose. Her face was disfigured, battered and kind of fighting for breath... I heard him (Rodman) say: 'Mammy, Mammy, I finish her. I kill Triscia!' His cell phone was in his hand to his ears and he talking. After that I came out... I took my cell phone and tried to call the Ambulance and Fire service," Perseus Thomas said.

Megan Scotland, the mother of the deceased and Daniel Riviere, her brother, were both emotional and tearful during the trial; the court had to take a break for Daniel to compose himself after he was unable to continue giving evidence of his having to identify the body at the morgue on Tuesday November 10, 2015 to the police officer who was leading the investigation.

Megan Scotland told the court that three weeks before her daughter died she told her that she and Rodman were no longer in a relationship for about three months. It was a Sunday morning and Rodman had come to take his son to church. Rodman asked Triscia to come along, and Megan encouraged her to go. But Triscia said she is going nowhere because she is "not with Rodman".

Megan was at work when she received a call from Rodman who was supposed to be at the Military Parade as a Prison Officer. Rodman told her that he had not slept well the night before, had gotten up late and by the time he got to the police station he did not receive a gun.

"He told me: Mammy, I still love Triscia. So I told him you can't force Triscia to love you," Megan said.

She told him she would call him when she came off work. About 4:30pm that November 3, 2015 a co-worker told her something. She spoke with her manager and got another work colleague to drive her to her home at Stock Farm. There she saw a crowd. She was first denied entrance when she got to her front door before a police officer opened the door and she told him she lived there, it was her home.

She saw Rodman lying on a chair. He said, "Mammy sit down" three times and she sat on the edge of the chair.

"I told him tell me what you have to tell me. He looked at me and he said:

"Mammy, I snapped."

"What you mean by snapped?"

He did not answer. I asked him what happened to Triscia? Where is Triscia? He did not answer."

Megan Scotland went looking for her daughter and she was not in the two bedrooms that she looked into. She headed for the kitchen where a policeman stopped her. She went back to Rodman and asked her where is Triscia and what happened to Triscia?

He said: "Mammy she dead!"

She eventually went into the kitchen and saw Triscia lying on the floor, lifeless. "I was in shock. I couldn't say anything. I turned and left the house... and I went by the neighbour," Scotland told the court.

Triscia Riviere was 26 years old.Accused murere

Police officers Inspector Roy Pascal and Corporal Naford Joseph of the Simon Bolivar community got to the scene of the incident. They gave evidence of what they saw, the arrest of Lewis on suspicion of murder and the securing of the crime scene.

Dr. Lenora Fevrier-Drigo was called from her home and pronounced the body dead on the scene.

Inspector George Theophile, the 11th state witness spent most Thursday October15 on the witness stand. He was scheduled to continue his deposition on Monday October 19.