Saturday, May 25th, 2013 will mark the 50th Anniversary of African Liberation Day (ALD) since its establishment in 1963 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

One of the immediate aims of the African Liberation movement was to foster the independence of all African nations and peoples away from colonialism and imperialism. Dominica, still being a colony of England at that time, has been actively participating in ALD activities since 1972. Thereafter Dominica achieved its independence in 1978 i.e. for 35 years out of the 50- year milestone.

The House of NyabinghI, as has been the norm in the recent past, is looking internally and inwardly to establish the overstanding that we, the descendants of African slaves, are associated with this historical fact of African ancestry and African Liberation, as we cannot escape the negative consequences of being black. This 50th Anniversary will be highlighted in the memory and honour of our African ancestors who sacrificed their lives in the pursuit of freedom.

Today, we question our independence, our achievements or lack thereof since independence and whether we were prepared to be masters of our destiny, having been slaves for so long. We question whether we have the confidence, wherewithal and ability to chart our own course, control our own resources and create a new beginning in keeping with our ancient traditions, customs and values.

We question why we give credence to the popular and well known slave slogan of "divide and rule" and cannot be united with one voice to develop our nation to the heights of former great African civilizations. We question whether this system of governance which we inherited from our slave master is lending to progress and development.

The theme for this year's ALD is "Ho sonn sonne, ho qwi qwiye, Africans listen!" Be prepared to listen and to act to the high sound and high calling of our ancestors to shake off the remnants of slavery and colonialism and turn the sorrow of captivity into the joy of freedom.

Today we work in collaboration with the Government of Dominica to highlight this growing call for spiritual, and mental liberation away from the "dog-eat-day" approach which continues to deprive our nation from moving forward in this wretched world.