The Dominica Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank (AID) Bank says it is providing a concessionary line of credit to complement the establishment of an abattoir facility at Layou Park, where poultry and pig products will be produced.

The AID Bank says it is collaborating with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Agricultural Investment Unit (AIU) and the private sector "to ensure that this exercise is a success and very soon", the AIDB said in a release, adding that it "will undertake a sensitization drive to encourage farmers to take advantage of the Bank's Concessionary Line of Credit and the other products that we offer".

"In addition to a request for the establishment of a hatchery, which will complement the Abattoir Facility, the Bank encourages new and existing private sector entities to use this opportunity to pursue or enhance ancillary projects including but not limited to - the production of animal feed, as this will further strengthen the work of the Abattoir Facility," the release stated. "In keeping with its mandate, the AID Bank is pleased to support this project which will create jobs, generate revenue, reduce the food import bill and in general impact favourable on the livelihood of farmers, their families, their communities and the nation as a whole".