Florance Attidore Stedman
Florance Attidore Stedman

This year Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated from May 7th through May 13th. This is the week teachers should get the extra credit and accolades they deserve.

So, it's the week we all get to thank those who play or have played such a huge, pivotal, and critical role in shaping and moulding our lives and pointing us in positive directions.

Teaching is one of the oldest professions requiring strong commitment and discipline. It is time-consuming, fun and rewarding but often challenging and stressful. But besides, who doesn't have a fond memory of a teacher who inspired us in some way?

One such teacher who has taught and impacted students' lives in La Plaine and the Southeast for 40 years is Ms Florence Attidore-Stedman. She started her teaching career in 1980 after graduating from Wesley High School and, in 1993, was appointed as a qualified assistant teacher.

She taught at the Morne Juane Primary School for three years. She was also the acting principal of the hamlet of Boetica Primary School in 2002. Her last assignment before retiring in 2020 was as the interim principal of the Delices Primary School. But most of her tenure as a teacher was spent at the La Plaine school.

Ms Attidore-Steadman is a mother of five and a grandmother of six beautiful souls. She says she is blessed to have still her 92-year-old mom and her dad alive. She also accepts the reality gracefully that she is also a widow. May her late husband, Jeff (my boyhood friend), continue to RIP.

She is very active and highly visible in La Plaine community civic associations. She is the president of the (Catholic) Church committee, a choir member and a church decorator. She also serves as president of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and the shelter manager of the Disaster Committee of La Plaine. She is an avid sports fan and serves as the Vice President of the La Plaine Management Sports Committee. In addition, she finds time to assist in many other activities, such as carnival organizing and youth mentorship.

Now retired, Teacher Florence has all the qualifications to start a Community Garden/Farm club because of her affinity and passion for plant and animal life and the outdoor environment.

In her spare time, she hikes, farms and enjoys the labour and harvesting rewards of planting and grooming her yard flowers and growing vegetables and fruits around her home in Plaisance. She also does a bit of animal husbandry by raising rabbits, goats and chickens.

Let's all join hands and hearts and say Thank You to Ms Attidore-Stedman for a well-travelled job well done and an educator's journey.