The latest move by Alex Bruno to launch yet another political party in Dominica, just a few months after his first one ended in political catastrophe has one political observer wondering, "is Alex really that desperate for power?"

"This new party is a party of division and confusion. This guy Alex Bruno isn't stable-minded, his only goal is to be in control while he keeps on stirring the pot," Gorn Claudeon said. "Alex was part of a recent new party that went downhill with all the finger-pointing at him. Why would anyone of sound mind follow him?"

In a media statement, Bruno who identified as the General Secretary of Dominica's newest political movement, the Dominica Team Unity Party (DTUP), or the Team Unity Party (TUD), which the party would prefer to be called; says that the founders of TUD believe and agree that this party platform is the "required political, electoral arrangement in direct response to the present state of Dominican politics, and this is especially in line with the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the people."

But one will remember that just a few months ago Bruno who's a political scientist and professor in the US said the same about the now-vanished Alternative People Party (APP), which he founded and was eventually removed from.

Many, including the acting political leader of the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) Brenard Hurtault, believe that a fifth party in Dominica will only divide the votes even more, making it impossible to remove the Roosevelt Skerrit regime.

"Why does Alex find it necessary to form a new party of united forces when the opposition forces have been working together for months in the coalition of forces such as NJAM and We the People etc," Hurtault questioned. "If Alex is serious about unity why not join those ongoing actions rather than attempt to reinvent the wheel?"

Bruno on the other hand says that the party will do quite the opposite and is confident that the TUD will provide a platform for the electorate to vote out the government.

"I am actually presenting this plea to the Dominican people hoping that they understand that I meant no evil or malice in creating a new idea which is what the people have demanded. This is not about dividing the opposition vote and killing the opposition party, it is about responding to a call. Dominica has not had a movement like this in 30-something years. The last party that was formed seriously was the opposition party and they have been in opposition for 25 years now," he said.

A few months ago, Bruno received much public attention when the executive members of the two-year-old APP announced in a press release that he had resigned via a WhatsApp message but Bruno vehemently denied that claim. A few hours later, he submitted what he said was his official resignation letter which was shared with the media.

APP officials at the time said that based on a series of actions taken by Bruno within the past few weeks which they chose to keep confidential, they determined that a parting of the ways was the best option to protect the party's integrity.

Speaking on the division which may have caused the public to lose trust in him, he noted "I have learnt from the mistakes that I made the last time, which was to stand up and claim that vision which I created. However, it was divine intervention by the hands of God which caused the division to happen. Something good came out of it and I think Team Unity is that divine intervention which God allowed to mushroom out of the division and the failure of the last movement."

According to the party, whose electoral symbol is the fork, they do intend to contest the next general election whenever it is called and the party is open to every Dominican, irrespective of the "party or parties they may belong to." Part of the movement's vision is the creation of a Dominica which will be better recognized for its natural splendour and the identity of its people through the promotion of the Nature's Echo – One Voice Out of Many campaign.

"What this means is that the party's platform will be a rallying cry and promotion of the Dominican agenda," the release states. "The party sees the short to medium term reconstruction of the electoral, political processes of Dominica as its main mandate, and pledges to remain in office for only two five-year terms to achieve this goal. This is clearly stated in the party's constitution."

The founding board comprises Alex Bruno – General Secretary, Carlos Charles – Deputy General Secretary, Kendra Stephen – Executive President, and Kenton St. Jean and Erwin Emmanuel.

An official launch is being planned for August 2022 in the village of Calibishie, after which the party's plans and policies to govern Dominica will be revealed.