Segment F of Basketball in The Family featured the following "Basketball Families": Edgar Robinson, his 4 sons and his grandson; and Edmund Williams (Sr.) and his son. The article concludes below.


Heskeith was better known on the basketball court as "Bulldog" while playing with seven (7) teams in the National League in the 1980s and 1990s.

Bulldog debuted with Flames Intermediate (Division II). He then moved up to Flames Division I (Top-level). Subsequently he played with J.K. Eagles, followed by Killer Bees, Running Rebels, Cardinals, and finally Clouds I before retiring. He also coached Celtics in the Women's Division in the late 1980s.

Heskeith was selected to the Dominica National Team in 1988 and 1989 while a member of Cardinals, and represented Dominica in OECS Tournaments then. He also represented Dominica in the OECS Champion-of-Champion Clubs Basketball Tournament while with Killer Bees and Cardinals,

Kyla, Heskeith's daughter, was featured previously with her Mom, Jennifer Nanton.


The six (6) preceding segments of this article and the above collectively presented 60 basketball players, of whom about half that number have retired. Eight (8) of the sixty are ladies, including 6 who are mothers.

Of the fifty-two male players, two are grandsons while two others are grandparents. Collectively, the sixty players were presented as 23 basketball family units, including two "extended families", i.e. those including basketball "grands". Will we ever see a basketball grand-daughter, or a great-grandson, on the court one day? The shot-clock is ticking.

It is interesting to note that the list of 60 players includes 2 Curtis, 2 Edmunds, 2 Johns, 2 Mickeys, 2 Reginalds, as well as a Derek and a Derrick.

This list of 60, the equivalent of 5 teams of 12, must not be taken as "gospel" as there may just be a few other players who have parents (fathers and/or mothers) who played basketball, or "basketball parents" who may have children who played or are currently playing the sport.

An aggregate of 89 local teams were mentioned in the various segments of the article. Most of those teams were from the National League, viz. Division I (or Premier Division), Division II or Intermediate Division, Division III or Junior Division, Women's Division, and the Under-17 and Under-16 Divisions.

A few of the other teams were from the Basketball Leagues run by the Sports Division, viz. Under-19 Boys and Under-19 Girls, while the remainder are or were affiliated to Community Leagues (a.k.a. "Off-Season Leagues") at Grand Bay, Trafalgar, Delices, the Eastern District and Portsmouth.

Several of those teams have long bowed out of existence while about 25 are currently competing, either in the National League, the "Schools League" or in Community Leagues. Some of the retired teams were quite prominent in their day.

So, are you a retired basketball player, or are you still burning the nets and grabbing a couple of "boards"? If so, which of these teams did you play with, or currently play for? Here are the 89 local teams mentioned in the article, and these are presented in alphabetical order in no particular order of League organizers.

7Six7 S.C. Lady Ballerz, 7Six7 S.C. Young Ballerz, 7Six7 Young Ballerz Under-17, Ambassadors, Blazers I, Another Youth Movement (AYM), BMF, Budweiser, Canefield Tigers, Cardinals, Celtics, Clifton Dupigny Community College, Clouds I, Convent High School, Cornfield Hoyas, CrossOver II, CUSPORT, Delices, Dolphins, and Dominica Community High School.

The list continues: Dominica Grammar School I, Dominica Grammar School II, Dominica Grammar School Under-19, Dominica Grammar School Girls, Dominica State College (Boys), Dominica State College Girls, Dubique Stars, Eagles (J.K.) I, Eagles (from Trafalgar), Electrons, Faith, Falcons I, Falcons II, Falcons Under-17, Flames I, Flames II, Fond Canie Prowlers, Fond Canie Rebels, and Glassgovians.

Further, we saw Globe One Pacers, Goodwill Secondary School, Green City I, Green City II, Harks, Hoyas Under-16, Jazz, Killer Bees, Knicks, Lady Panthers, Lambs Bread, La Plaine Knights, La Plaine Sunrisers, Limers, Maggnificos, Micheles, No Look, Ole Skool, Owls, Pichelin Pacers, Pierre Charles Secondary School, Pioneers (♀), Pioneers (♂), Portsmouth Secondary School (II), Portsmouth Secondary School (Under-19), Pros I, Prowlers I, and Raiders.

Lastly, REBOC All Stars, Rockers, Roots, Running Rebels, Secondary Schools/Inter-Schools, Sharpers, Sixty-Sixers, Spartans United Ballerz, St. Mary's Academy I, St. Mary's Academy II, St. Mary's Academy Junior, St. Mary's Academy Under-19, St. Mary's Academy Under-17, Sweat Beggars, Thundererz, Trafalgar Green Hornets, Veterans, TCL Veterans, Wizards, Wolverines II, X-Men I, and X-Men II.

So, wouldn't it be nice if someone in Dominica's basketball fraternity were to organize a Basketball Families Extravaganza among those 60 players and retirees? For some "3-3" Half-court fun, "21", or "Round-The-World"? And a 1-hr long whole-court action, Fathers & Mothers vs Daughters, Sons & Grandsons, with unlimited substitutions. It would be interesting to see who would be on the "Starting-5s" of these two mega-teams.

Jump Ball thanks all for their collaboration, and extends special thanks to those who provided photographs and to Yannick Bethel.


Jump Ball extends deepest sympathies to the family, friends and former team-mates of the late Nehemiah "Miah" Emanuel of Roseau who resided in the United States of America; he went to the Great Beyond towards the end of November 2017.

Miah was well known among the Windsor Park Basketball Family, and played as a Guard with the Flames Intermediate Basketball Team for several years.

Jump Ball also extends condolences to the family, friends and former team mates of the late Charles "Charlo" "Sapwell" Thomas of Pottersville. Charlo played Premier Division basketball with Clouds in the 1990s, and left this World in November 2017.

They both made their contribution to the development of basketball on Dominica.

May they rest in Eternal Peace.