One man is dead and another is occupying a bed at the Alford Ward of the Princess Margaret Hospital(PMH). The dead man is Glenroy Lockhart (33); the injured man is Lockhart's brother-in-law, Reginald Mann (49) due to a fatal fight they had on Boxing Day at about 8.30 pm at Bath Estate.

"During the altercation, Glenroy sustained a deep laceration to his neck allegedly with a knife," said John Carbon, the Police Public Relations Officer. Mann also had cuts to his head, Carbon said.

Meanwhile, Police Officer Jeremy LeBlanc is also occupying a bed at the Alford Ward of the PMH. LeBlanc was stabbed many times in his head, chest and stomach when he "attempted to quell a breach of the peace" said Carbon in a press statement.

The incident involving LeBlanc occurred on Church Street in Roseau on Christmas Eve at about 11.30 pm "where two groups of young men were throwing stones and bottles at each other when he was attacked."

Three men are being questioned by the police in connection with the stabbing and the police has appealed for information from the public.