Alfred, right, and Jno-Finn
Alfred, right, and Jno-Finn

The Castle Bruce constituency consists of Castle Bruce, Good Hope, Petite Soufriere and San Sauveur

Voting History

2014- DLP (Johnson Drigo)

2009- DLP (Johnson Drigo)

2005—UWP (Loreen Bannis-Roberts)

2000- UWP (Loreen Bannis-Roberts)

1995- UWP (Romanus Bannis)

1990- UWP (Romanus Bannis)

1985- DLP (Eden Durand)

1980- DFP (Oliver Sanderson)

1975- DLP (Romanus Bannis)

Loreen Bannis-Roberts, who inherited the Castle Bruce seat from her uncle, Romanus Bannis, crossed the floor in 2005 and has been a faithful servant of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) since.

Ernie Lawrence-Jno-Finn (UWP)

An educator by profession, Jno-Finn comes from the small hamlet of Good Hope; she was born December 27, 1955.


Her personal profile says Jno Finn is "an accomplished primary school teacher and school principal with a proven track record of supporting teachers in the education and development of children. Possess extensive experience in working with primary schools as a teacher, School Principal, Learning Support Officer and District Education Officer…was a good knowledge of primary school policies and procedures."

Between 2012 – 2015 she was District Education Officer (Acting) where she monitored and supervised thirteen (13) primary schools in the area of administration, planning, teaching and learning, assessment. During the years 2003-2012 she was Learning Support Officer which provided support to thirteen (13) primary schools in teaching and learning, school development planning, evaluation and Classroom Management and the years 1993 – 2003 she Primary School principal and worked in two (2) primary schools providing leadership to a total of twenty (20) staff member in teaching and learning; monitoring of teaching and learning Providing on the job training

She started teaching in 1971 where she taught at all levels from K to grade 6 in all core and non- core subjects until 1993.


Between 1986- 1988 she attended Dominica Teachers Training College and earned a Teacher Training Certificate; 1996 – 2003: Master's Degree in Educational Administration - Leicester University, UK; 1993 – 1995: Certificate in Education - University of the West Indies School of Continuing Studies.

Plans for constituency

Petite Soufriere

Complete link road; Provide assistant to farmers in bay oil industry; Construct planning field in Savanne; Complete road to Savanne; Connect roads to upper La Raviere; Open road to New Fond land; Build multi-purpose centre.

San Sauveur

Upgrade feeder roads; Acquire land for playing field; Upgrade fishing centre to port of entry.

Good Hope/Tranto/ Depa Construct Balata feeder road; Reconstruct Cassava and toloma; Upgrade resource centre;

Improve water supplies; Castle Bruce/Fomel; Renovate irrigation system

Construct multipurpose centre; Develop Castle Bruce Beach; Indoor sporting facility in Glo-Glo; Upgrade islets; Improve water intakes; Cash crop for farmers; Recommence Creole in the East; Improve Fete Isidore.

Octavia "Teacher Bonnie" Alfred (DLP)

Work Experience

North East Comprehensive - Principal (2016 - 2019); Castle Bruce Secondary – Principal (2011- 2016);Castle Bruce Primary School – Principal (2008 – 2011); Concord Primary School - Principal (2006 – 2008); Castle Bruce Primary School – Teacher (1985 – 2006); San Sauveur Primary – Teacher (1985);


University of Leicester/UWI/Dominica Teachers College

Some Other Achievements: Principal of Excellence; Secondary School – Finalist (2012 & 2014); Principal of Excellence; Primary School – Finalist (2010); Pan Commonwealth Diploma In Youth Development Work; Best Graduating Student (Dominica) 2006; Ministry Of Education's Most Outstanding Health & Family Life Education Teacher (2002).

Plans for constituency

  • Initiate a constituency "Culture and Festival Committee" which will handle village feast, cultural and other festival with the hope of marketing the products up to regional standard.

  • Create employment by revisiting and revamping agriculture and fishing, creating our own tourism product to include sports and culture, repairing main access roads and farm roads and encouraging small business.

  • Rebuild bay oil distilleries and cassava and touloma plants to include more modern techniques

  • Market our special agriculture practices as part of our tourism products

  • Revive the Castle Bruce Market to include cultural performances by local artists from all over the constituency

  • Introduction of new agricultural practices to include aquaculture.

  • Rebuild all bus stops

  • Replace all damaged and destroyed bridges with stronger and more modern ones

  • Build wash room facilities as part of the improvement of the San Sauveur fisheries complex

  • Replace all street lamps and erect solar street lamps along the main road from pond case to Petite Soufriere and along the subsidiary roads in all the villages within the constituency.

  • Enhance and reconstruct the road from Pond Case to Petite Soufriere

  • Build a day care center where the elderly can receive care and socialize during the day.

  • Upgrade the Castle Bruce and San Sauveur health centers.

  • Initiate a clinic day in Petite Soufriere

  • Build an auditorium at the Castle Bruce Secondary School which will accommodate large community gathering, until a community center is built.