Davis George,right and Parliamentary Representative Paul
Davis George,right and Parliamentary Representative Paul

The Paix Bouche Constituency

There's nothing to "shut your mouth" about the Paix Bouche constituency. Let's talk openly about it. It is situated on Dominica's top right shoulder between Wesley and Vielle Case and made up of lush hills and mountains; rough-sea Atlantic beaches; industrious farmers and brave fishermen, gifts so rich and rare, to paraphrase Dominica's national anthem.

The constituency consists of Bense, Anse De Mai, Calibishie, Paix Bouche and Ans Sol de.

The United Workers Party (UWP) has never won an election in Paix Bouche; the Dominica Labour Party has won all five general elections, from 1995 to 2014, by relatively wide margins. Here are the election results from 1975 to 2014:


2009- DLP




1990-DFP (Jenner B. M. Armour)

1985- United DLP (Rosie Douglas)

1980-Independent (Jenner B.M. Armour)


The Candidates: Roselyn V. Paul (- Dominica Labour Party- DLP) and Davis George (United Workers Party-UWP).

Roselyn V. Paul

A career public servant for 31 years, Paul worked for 18 years as a primary school teacher at the Paix Bouche Primary School. Then she moved to the Women's Bureau where she worked from 2000-08 as Programme Research and Development Coordinator.

She holds a MSC degree in rural development and a diploma in social work and management. She is a founding member of the 30 year-old Paix Bouche Cultural Group.

She was trail operations manager for the Waitukubuli National Trail. Presently, she holds the portfolio of Minister of Enterprise Development and Small Business in the DLP administration.

She is the mother of two daughters: Dr. Kyra Paul and Amatulia Lockhart.

Plans for Constituency:

-To development the people in the constituency of Paix-Bouche will be her primary focus.

-To build on the strong platform already provided by the Dominica Labour Party over the years by improving skills and introducing a business approach to agriculture and community tourism.

-To empower the young people, by training them, mentoring and giving them the capital to start their own small businesses and opportunities for tertiary education.

  • Improved sports facilities

  • Everything that we do moving forward will be focused on self-sufficiency and employment.

  • Will push for improved main and farm access roads, enhanced sporting and community facilities, better housing and greater access to social programmes for those in need.

  • Community/constituency consultations to develop a long term constituency development plan and identification of priorities, resources and realistic strategies

  • Continued provision of support to the programmes and projects of the village councils

  • Agricultural resurgence programme to encourage constituents to take advantage of opportunities and access to resources. New and improved technics in agriculture, aquaculture etc.

  • Improve road network and village extension.

Davis George

Age- 46

Attended the Marigot Foundation High School-now the North East Comprehensive High School; Course at UWI in Event Management dealing with video, stage and lighting

Father of four.

Work experience

Twenty years at Marpin 2k4 Ltd as a camera man and then video editor

Among events covered-Dominica v Barbados football match in Barbados; Documentary on drug addict that eventually changed his life; Self-employed as video editor doing documentaries and editing

Plans for the constituency


  • Agriculture development and further enhance agriculture

  • Development of irrigation project

  • Expansion of fishing industry and tourism industry

  • Develop road to the beach

  • Training for farmers/develop new techniques and technology in agriculture

  • Fire station for the constituency Ans De Mai/Ans Sol de

  • Development of port making it into a First Class port on the island

  • Enhancement of village roads

  • Develop road to the port

  • Develop and enhance tourism sites Paix Bouche

  • Development of the playing field/lighting and fencing

  • Expansion of the village

  • Make land ready and accessible to villagers for development and expansion

  • Road drainage

  • Continued development of Terre Plat