Family Album. From Funeral Programme
Family Album. From Funeral Programme

It is with a heavy heart I write this tribute to you, two months after writing Gee's. It feels unreal, but God is real. He is near the brokenhearted!

You faced your illness bravely, managed to let the jovial, humorous Mickey spirit prevail sometimes even through the pain. You preferred a cheerful atmosphere and discouraged crying, or 'cryee' as you called it. I will do my best to write this tribute as you would want with a 'no cryee focus'

Growing up with you was fun. You were the most jovial of the siblings and would create humor in every situation. You had a pet name for each younger sister which you used in our adult lives as well You kept the family entertained by dramatizing incidents and imitating others perfectly. Your masterpiece was Radio 281. Radio 281 was our family station which you established and operated. It was set up by connecting what we called the gram, the radio/record player in the living room, to a microphone in the back bedroom. This bedroom was used as the studio where the programs were aired, and we would listen in the living room. There were various programs, but the sisters' favorite was the Children's Program.

You were a remarkable person, one Blessed with intelligence, wisdom, talents and a caring spirit. You loved people, loved helping people, and enhanced the lives of many. You could not stand injustice and would do whatever was needed to make things right. You had many friends and were well loved. It is amazing how you managed to execute your heavy workload, numerous activities and still made the time to keep in touch with friends over the years, some from as far back as high school.

Advice giving was part of your nature. One bit I found particularly helpful was this: 'Never accuse someone of being a thief unless you actually see them. The worst thing you can do to an innocent person is call them a thief.

Your period of illness was quite short and although you were going downhill, your passing was still a shock. But it was time to go home, everything was in order and you were ready. We will miss you.

The last time 1 saw you in person was at a family wedding last November. I was happy that I got to sit next to you. You being Mikey made the time enjoyable, filled with humorous comments and laughter.

Memories are what remain with us SO I cherish this memory and the many others from over the years, hoping that in time, these memories will help fill the void you left. I trust the Loving God to give us Peace, the Peace which only He can give, that which surpasses all understanding.

Rest in Eternal Peace Big Bro. Much Love