The West Indies Cricket Umpires' Association has a new Executive Vice President in Billy Doctrove, the former Area Vice President for Area 3, the Windward Islands. He replaced Anthony Lalacksing of Trinidad & Tobago who did not contest the position; Doctrove outvoted Robert Ford of Barbados by 20 votes to 8.

The Dominica Cricket Umpires' Association was among several countries to receive awards in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary (1962-2012) at the 26th Biennial Convention of the association held in Trinidad & Tobago from June 30 to July 5, 2013. Also receiving awards were Doctrove who had a successful spell in his umpiring career in the West Indies and other parts of the globe.

Phillip Alleyne, a founding member, now an honorary member of the association, was presented with a lovely plaque with words of commendation coming from the master of ceremony. As a mark of appreciation Doctrove was asked to present the award.

The convention was hailed a great success. The usual church service and the raising of flags graced the opening. At the inter-faith service, messages came from the Christian, Muslim and Hindu pastors; they all called on umpires to uphold the noble values of integrity, at all times, in the execution of their duties.

For the first time the office of Area Vice President for Area 3, the Windward Islands, which was held by Phillip Alleyne, then Billy Doctrove of Dominica was moved to St. Vincent when Goland Greaves of St. Vincent out-voted Lennox Abraham by 17 votes to 12 in controversial circumstances.

The theme, 'Celebrating Milestones, Achieving Success' was evident throughout the five-day gathering in which all matters appearing on the agenda were discussed and dealt with in a cordial manner.

On the 50th anniversary of the association, the president, in his address marking the occasion, paused and looked back on the trail we have blazed since the formative years. It was a master stroke, he said.

"Since then we have other great leaders who have worked like Trojans in administering our affairs thus ensuring the viability of our association.

Stalwarts like Mr. Jerry Gomez, Justice Rudolph Harper, Mr. Johnny Gayle, and Mr. Phillip Alleyne are just a few. Worthy of mention too are some of our umpires who have attained high world ranking in the field,

Mr. Steve Bucknor, Mr. Billy Doctrove, Mr. Ralph Gosier, Mr. Douglas San Hue and Mr. Lloyd Barker. They have all made us proud. We have come a long way", he said.

Also addressing the convention was Mr. Dave Cameroon, President of the West Indies Cricket Board who gave thanks and praise to West Indies umpires for their services to the game. The traditional cricket match played between the host team and the rest, made up of umpires from the other countries, took place on Thursday, June 5 which resulted in defeat for the home team. In the 20-overs- a-side match, the home team scored 110 in 20 overs and in reply the rest team scored 111 for 2 in 9 overs.

The business sessions ended with members expressing their satisfaction with the entire outcome. The next convention is to be held in the USA in 2015. At the president's banquet certificates to umpires who were successful in the recent umpires' exams were made; Dominica's Lennie Dangleben was among the recipients.