If this was the night of the Finals Observer would be Calypso King and Bobb will not even trouble the judges. Bobb would place last. But it's only in the bible that the last shall be first.

So, Davidson "Observer" Victor will be the first calypsonian to perform at the grand 2016 Calypso Finals- he is not likely to be first on the judges' sheets.

The ten calypsonians contesting for the coveted Carnival Calypso King title chose their positions at the Dominica Calypso House on February 4.

The other calypsonians in order of performance are: Murphy "Sye" Jno Jules, Janae "Janae" Jackson, Wayne "Shadow Flow" Robinson, Webster "Webb" Marie, Gregory "Karessah" Riviere, Michael "Boople" Lafleur, Cecil "Checker" Burnette, Dennison "Dice" Joseph and Daryl "Bobb" Bob.

For 2015 calypso finals the calypsonians were offered tablets where the number depicting their position was hidden within the LIME app.

However, this year's headline sponsor FLOW (previously LIME) found another creative way in which the calypsonians would find out which position they will be performing.

This year at the small ceremony FLOW balloons were filled with helium and stuck to the ceiling of the calypso house.

The calypsonians came forward individually chose a balloon of their choice and out flew the number in which they would perform on the night of the Finals.

Following, the calypsonians were presented with packages from Josephine Gabriel and Company Limited and FLOW.

Gerald George the Josephine Gabriel and Company Limited representative said it is heart-warming when calypsonians from the Junior Monarch competition make it through in the big league.

"Last year De Professor made it stepping into the big league and making it in the finals. This year Janae, female calypsonian, and Junior Monarch she has also achieved that feat and made it through to the big league," George said.

President of the Dominica Calypso Association (DCA) Derrick "Hunter" St Rose wants more sponsors to support the calypso finals.

"We looking for more sponsors, more people to come on board we recognize that calypso is our thing, it's a Dominican thing," said St Rose.

He noted the Calypso Finals is the most anticipated show during the Carnival season.