They picked Picky because he has proved, over and over, that he's a superior performer; Jama B, a bus driver in non-calypso life, virtually jammed his way to the finals; Karessah, as usual, caressed the nerves of the stressed judges and Sting Ray plunged a syringe filled with youthful exuberance into their bloodstream at the Semis last night.

De Professor, well, who says he's too young to lecture Pat Aaron on the fine art of calypso; Bobb, poor velvet-voiced Bobb- he has another opportunity to knock on the door of the Calypso Monarchy, let's hope a chambermaid answers this time. Diamond has always been a girls' best friend, and for the judges too, although Black Diamonds are really rare indeed; again Daddy Chess will be pulling his chest of tricks behind him at the Finals. "It is what it is".

These calypsonians are all conspiring to dethrone King Dice VII and he's already dressed in body armor with two delightful calypsos.

"For me it is just to stay on the path and do what I have to do for the people," said Dice to commentator Wadix Charles in an interview after the semifinals competition at the New Town Savanah last night. "I like de people dem man. I like to please dem too, I always try my best to win."

Hey, what about Hunter? And Young Bull? And Observer? And, what's his name, the calypsonian who sings the melodious song about "Dominica Nice, Boy"? Well, they all died like stars who disappear when the morning sun comes out.

And guess what? The judges picked a brother and sister (Black Diamond and Sting Ray) as part of the line-up for the finals. Nice, eh?

So see you at the finals on Valentine's Day; but don't expect a love affair. This is war.