Ann Graham
Ann Graham

Bwa Agouti had a very bad habit. Every day, he would sneak into Farmer Zouti's garden to steal bananas from his tree.

"The farmer will never know," he would say to himself, "he has so many fruits growing in his garden."

Bwa Agouti thought he would never get caught.

But one afternoon, Bwa Agouti was in the farmer's garden as usual when suddenly he heard a deep growl-GRRRR.

Instantly, he felt very afraid. Slowly, he turned around and saw the scariest looking dog ever. The dog was big and black with long sharp teeth and pointy ears.

Bwa Agouti wasted no time and dashed up a mango tree nearest to him.

"I almost got eaten," he said while trying to catch his breath.

That was surely not a good feeling.

Now the dog was barking furiously underneath the tree. Bwa Agouti looked down and realized that he was stuck and so decided to take a nap and hoped that the dog would be gone by the time he woke up.

However a few hours later, the dog was still beneath the tree and what's even worst was that it was almost dark!

"My parents are going to kill me," whined Bwa Agouti.

Bwa Agouti started to cry. He regretted stealing farmer Zouti's bananas.

"I won't ever steal again!" Bwa Agouti promised.

Suddenly, Bwa Agouti heard a loud whistle. He looked down and saw the dog running to meet Farmer Zouti who was standing near his shed.

Without a second thought, Bwa Agouti scurried down the tree and ran out of the garden never to return again.

The end!