Check this. After more than 30 years in the Calypso singing business, Checker will check into the Elimination for the 2016 Calypso season at the Harlem Plaza in Newtown on Saturday night.

And spinning a web of mild intrigue around a show where everybody can "wash their foot and come" Webb, the smooth-voiced veteran also weaves his way into the Eliminations.

By the way, the cat with a lot of soul, the one named SoulPus is sure to do more than meow his way to the Quarter Finals carded for 9th January 2016 because SoulPus is a cat who can really sing.

Then while you're at it take a deep breath and sigh 'cause Sye in dat too- we mean the Eliminations show that is a real callaloo of the worst non-singers any country can produce mixed with the best of the best in Dominica Calypso.

This year sixty or more have registered with the DCA for Saturday's competition, says Davidson "Observer" Victor, the DCA PRO.

So why is the Dominica Calypso Association (DCA) refusing to modify the format of the annual show by weeding out in advance the extremely poor from the group and let's have, say 40 fairly good calypsos at the Eliminations?

Yes, we agree-man 'fraid change.