The action is fast and keen and sometimes lopsided in the Mackeson Stout & Carib Beer Domino League which is sponsored by H.H.V. Whitchurch.

The defending champions Lagoon of Portsmouth are off to a good start with two wins versus Ah Fou Ah We 4,008-3,055 and 1st Domestic 007 4,017-2,933 in Zone D of the competition. Fire Services also posted wins against Dynamic Stars 4,020-2,267 and Geo Power 4,017-3,370; as also were Golden Arms over Non Players 4,008-3,013 and Just Come 4,009-3,687.

In other results: 007 4,010-Geo Power 3,813, and Non Players 4,008-Boys of Calibishie 3,800

Zone A

Baghdad of Grand Fond had posted wins over Sunset 4,007-3,621, ACS Boys 4,007-3,358 and Valiants 4,000-3,792. Tokers of Woodford Hill were two wins to the good against Rockers of Salisbury 4,031-3,529 and Sunset 4,001-3,755. ACS Boys also had wins against One Stone 4,008-3,843 and home Boys 3,892. In other results: Stars of Anse de Mai 4,033-Home Boys 3,182; Circus 4,031-Rockers 3,529; and One Stone 4,000-Stars 3,792.

Zone B

Public Enemies, Morne Zion and Heat of Roseau were two wins apiece in recent action. Enemies conquered Rockers of Paix Bouche 4,006-3,781 and Bafond Pointe 4-019-3,318; Morne Zion versus Hill Top 4,008-2,613 and Sting 4,038-2,731; Heat against Bafond Pointe 4,019-3,290 and Kings Hill Power 4,075-3,471. In more results: Kings Hill Power 4,033-Tamarind Tree 3,457; Wake Up Stars 4,004-Stng 3,554; Tamarind Tree 4,010-Wake Up Stars of Portsmouth 3,978; and Rockers 4,006-Hill Top 2,865.

Zone C

Tremors stopped Lions 4,000-2,933 and Strikers 4,016-2,828. Mahaut Smart Boys were also two of two with Skills going down 4,012-3,022 and Lions 4,030-3,248.

Gulf of Wesley beat RC Construction 4,008-3,543; Skills 4,017-Gulf 3,820; Case O'Gowrie 4,010-Fone Shack Bay Boys 3,196; and Layou 4,013-RC Construction 3,380.

Some 37 teams across Dominica are participating in this fourth league organised by Delvin Esprit.