With the withdrawal of Government's second nominee, Jennifer Wallace-Lafond, to the post of Head of State, Charles Savarin, the Minister of National Security, is being considered, the Sun has been informed.

Cabinet is now meeting in emergency session and reports indicate that Savarin, the former Freedom Party Political Leader who recently joined the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) and who is an open critic of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) is now being pushed into the post of President of Dominica.

Retired civil servant Wallace-Lafond had accepted the post after House Speaker Alix Boyd-Knights had to be "withdrawn" following opposition to her nomination from the opposition UWP, the churches, unions and civil society.

The UWP had stated that the party intended to support Lafond's nomination but the Leader of the Opposition needed to speak with her before giving its support officially ; Lafond was then in the United States of America. Reports are that the nominee had sworn allegiance to a foreign state and this disqualified her from holding that post.

Investigations revealed that Lafond is the holder of a US passport and as such has now withdrawn from the post.