David ,left, and DNL officials at ceremony
David ,left, and DNL officials at ceremony

Amilia David, 30, of Layou said she was "elated, excited and happy" to win the Dominica National Lottery (DNL) Powerball jackpot prize of EC$ 107,838.

Who wouldn't be jumping for joy to have one's bank account inflated overnight?

David, an employee of the Inland Revenue Department, said she will use her winnings to further her education and pay for the schooling of a child in Layou.

"Seeing that there is a Titiwi scholarship going on in Layou, I feel that I can give a child a scholarship in my community," David said to reporters at a ceremony at the DNL office last week.

"Her future is now bright," said Ken George, DNL's marketing officer.

This was the first Powerball winner in 18 months.

George added that the DNL is a non- profit institution; it gives its earnings back to the community.

"We at the National Lottery invest our money in all aspects of sports, culture and we are going beyond our mandate," George said.