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Davitia's mom,right, makes the donation and Davitia collects donation
Davitia's mom,right, makes the donation and Davitia collects donation

To assist her homeland after Hurricane Maria, Davitia James, a Dominican student at the Northern University of Colorado has raised over EC$3000, the Association of Dominica Midwives (ADM) said in a press release.

James, the daughter of a midwife, undertook a single fundraising event at her school.

"We applaud her patriotism, and thank her most sincerely," said Claudia Durand JohnBaptiste, the ADM's public relations officer.

JohnBaptiste added: "Upon receipt of this donation, the executive of the ADM felt that this would best serve childbearing women. Thus, a decision was taken to assist antenatal women, who were severely affected by Hurricane Maria and need baby supplies.

"All items were purchased locally, thus it took some time to get everything ready. To promote equity and fairness, the Community Health Nurse of the seven health districts, were asked to meet with their team, and identify a client who could benefit from this project. All packages contained the same number of basic items and executive members were present at the various venues of distribution. To date six out of the seven health districts have already received their baby packages".