Roseau, Dominica - (June 6, 2013) – Event planner and floral designer Anthony Paul of Giraudel was among the top three floral designers in the Floral Design Competition in Guadeloupe. The second edition of the competition was organized by the Fleurs Tendance floral design school on May 18th and 19th in Petit Bourg Guadeloupe.

Floral designers from the Caribbean and Europe were invited to participate in the competition. An elimination round was held and the top five designers were selected to participate in the competition. Designers had to create floral designs in keeping with three main categories – Floral Creole Identity, Haute Couture Floral and Marriage for All. Judging criteria included points for interpretation, colour, composition and techniques used. Anthony Paul was among the top three students in the final competition and received a certificate and trophy for having placed third, and he will also receive a one year subscription to Fusion Flower Magazine.

During his visit to Guadeloupe, Mr. Paul participated in an intense floral design course given by Master Floral designer Gregor Lersch of Germany. When asked about his experience as the only Dominican in the competition, he stated, "It was a very good experience. I was exposed to some techniques such as creating floral designs without the use of oasis and using natural local products instead. It was quite interesting and I learnt a lot which I can put to good use in my business."

Mr. Paul's participation in the floral design competition was facilitated by Discover Dominica Authority. He is expected to return to Guadeloupe later this month to create a floral design for magazine publication.

As a follow up to Dominica's participation in the competition, the floral design school, Fleurs Tendance will contact the Giraudel Flower Show Organizing Committee and other relevant stakeholders to organize a one week floral design course. (Discover Dominica)