A group of Dominican bikers say it made history when it travelled to St. Lucia, for the second time, for the celebration of St. Lucia 39th anniversary of independence.

"While it was anticipated that a contingent from Dominica would not make this trip because of the damage caused by Hurricane Maria, they were able to put together a large contingent of 20 bikes (18 bikes, 2 ATVs)", a release from the biker's group said. "The bikers chartered local boat owner and Captain Neville Wade from Portsmouth in an effort to keep business local. Departure commenced on Wednesday February 21st from the Portsmouth berth".

The release continued: "Upon arrival in Vieux Forte, St. Lucia it was evident that the Dominica contingent intended to make a statement throughout their stay there. The awakened city of Vieux Forte was packed with bystanders who stood in amazement at the display of colorful and well- maintained motorcycles.

"Next, Castries was awakened by the bikers as they make sure that the city recognized that Dominica was finally here.

Throughout the rest of the week, it was evident that wherever Dominica was that was the place to be. While they participated in most of the events throughout the week, it wasn't until the weekend that the final nail in the coffin would be set, that not only is Dominica here, but they came strong, resilient and ready for action.

"Sunday was the drag wars at the base drag strip in Vieux Forte. A smaller group attended the drag event and made a profound statement against the competition from other islands. Dominica won most of the races they participated in during their time on the drag. This is a great milestone, considering that there are no drag strips or areas for Dominican bikers to practice or fine-tune their skills in order to compete, yet still, they were amongst the best performers of the day".