Recipients Nassio, Ophelia, Pearl Christian and Fred Nicholas
Recipients Nassio, Ophelia, Pearl Christian and Fred Nicholas

The following are the Dominican musicians and bands who have received national awards to date. The names of the awardees are presented mainly in order of the category of award received – beginning with the Sisserou Awardees - rather than by the year when the particular award was received. The latter information is presented in parentheses (e.g. 1966) immediately following the name of each awardee.

Sisserou Award of Honour: The Grammacks of St. Joseph (1977); Exile-1 of Roseau (1977); The Dominica Government "Music Lovers" Band (1981); Mrs Ophelia Olivacée-Marie (1991); Reuben Hesketh Casimir* (2000); Ignatius "Nasio" Fontaine (2007); and Mrs Valena Geraldine Letang (2013).

Award for Meritorious Service: Miss Jean Agatha Lawrence (1971); Reuben Hesketh Casimir (1973); The Gaylords (1978); Julie Mourillon (1978); The Swingin' Stars Orchestra (1980); Edward André (1980); Midnight Groovers (2003); Patrick Aaron (2007); WCK (Windward Caribbean Kulture) Band (2008); Pearle Christian (2008); Phillip Horsford (2008); Deryck "Hunter" St. Rose (2009); Peter Norman Letang (2009); Fred Anthony Nicholas (2012), and Kelly Williams (2013).

Services Medal of Honour: Purcell Christian (2003); Francois Bannis & The Hummingbirds (2009); Mrs Leng Sorhaindo (2009); Bingsworth Casimir* (2011); TI BWA Drumming Ensemble (2014); and First Serenade Band (2015)

Long Service Medal: Bingsworth Casimir* (2001) and Norman Letang (2002).


Total Number of Recipients -28

Total Number of Awards Received -30

Number of Recipients of Sisserou Award of Honour -7

Number of Recipients of Meritorious Service Award -15

Number of Recipients of Services Medal of Honour -6

Number of Recipients of Long Service Award -2

  • Two individuals twice received national awards