General elections have just ended and hence the new Government of Dominica will be scrutinized in the New Year.

The Sun went out to the streets to ask the people about their expectations for the New Year. Their expectations differ but what was common amongst the people was the hope that the government keeps its promises they made to develop the country. Here are some of their views:

Keanu Winston, Roseau

For the year 2015, I expect for more unity amongst Dominicans. I'd like for us to come to the understanding that the general elections are over and despite who you have voted for there is a government and an opposition to deliberate on the nation's issues in the House of Parliament. I am also looking forward to increase academic performance amongst the youth of our nation.

Dannisia Pierre, Grand Bay

In this New Year, I would like to see more activities for the youth to socialize. I expect the government to develop the country and assist those who are in need. I would also like the different parliamentary representatives to come out into the villages and talk to people. I expect less teenage pregnancy, less violence amongst the youth and hope people understand whichever party that is in office is there to develop the country.

Albert Severin, Stockfarm

I would like 2015 to be successful for not just me but for Dominicans. I am hoping for us and the country to be better and as the government said, they want to do better. I would like them to take Roseau, to clean up the gutters; they don't take care of the capital and visitors are complaining. Back in my young days Roseau used to be cleaned frequently and I hope Dominicans help to build their country and the government keep their promises.

Darius Dorcant

2014 was a year of struggle and with the election where everybody was divided. So for 2015 we expect everybody to come together to realize Dominica is for Dominicans and we need to come together to put the country forward.