Colin Cover
Colin Cover

Peter Williams, the General Manager of the Light & Power Holdings (LPH) and deputy chairman of DOMLEC says while walking the streets of Dominica with the outgoing general manager, Colin Cover, and hearing all the good sentiments about Cover amazed him.

DOMLEC announced yesterday that Cover had resigned. At a press conference at the company's Roseau office this afternoon, Cover who has been at the helm of the island's lone electricity company from 2009 says the reason for leaving DOMLEC was "to take up an appointment with another company overseas."

"In the past five weeks I was made an offer which I have decided to accept and so I will be moving on to another post in about two or three months' time," Cover said. He described his working experience in Dominica as "wonderful with no regrets."

However, he declined to give details of his new post saying "the company had to first inform its staff and it was not prudent for them to get the information via the media."

Cover described his stint in Dominica as "wonderful" and he said he will forever cherish those fond memories of the staff whom he described as "dedicated."

Meantime, Williams said while he was saddened that Cover was leaving, "progress waits for no man...people have in their careers to make choices and sometimes to take up opportunities, Colin is well loved by the staff and well respected in Dominica."

He said Cover has made a tremendous difference to the standards at DOMLEC which Dominicans have become accustomed to.

"We are confident in the staff and management at DOMLEC to continue the good work," he stated.