Colin Cover
Colin Cover

Collin Cover, the General Manager of the Dominica Electricity Services Ltd, DOMLEC has resigned, the company said in a press release.

"Cover joined DOMLEC in 2009 and has made a significant contribution to the company. Chairman, Sarah MacDonald, and the Board of Directors wish Mr. Cover every success and thank him for his leadership during the past five years," the release stated.

No explanation was given for Cover's resignation. The financial performance of DOMLEC could hardly be a reason since the company announced this month that profit before tax for the year ended December 31, 2013 was EC$12.70 million, compared to EC$11.81 million declared in 2012.

In the press release DOMLEC added: "LPH which acquired majority shares in DOMLEC in 2013 believes its expertise in the utility business and the resources of Emera together combined with the capability of the dedicated senior management team and experience skilled employees at DOMLEC, will ensure that the company continues to focus on delivering a high quality of service to customers in Dominica with safety remaining a high priority for the utility.

"As part of LPH and Emera Caribbean group, DOMLEC will continue to have access to expertise within the group and this will help during the transition period.

"Light & Power Holdings (LPH), a subsidiary of Emera Inc., owns 52% of DOMLEC, with the remaining 48% held primarily by Dominicans, including 21% held by Dominica Social Security Scheme."