DFP political leader Kent Vital
DFP political leader Kent Vital

Bob Marley sang…

"Don't let them fool ya / or even try to school ya! / Oh, no! / we've got a mind of our own…"

The practitioners of bad politics will seek to fool you! Now, Roosevelt Skerrit and his defenders and collaborators are at the height of their political games as they seek to escape with what I believe is increasingly looking like a billion-dollar heist! They are peddling false arguments concerning this unaccounted- for public funds. But we have a mind of our own! So, let us take some time in this article to expose some of those false arguments.

In a propaganda pieces (video) labeled "pwc vs UWP", which was apparently put out by the Skerrit defenders and collaborators, a number of false argument are being made as they seek to "pull the wool" over the eyes of the people of Dominica. First, one person in the propaganda piece says,"once you see good things happening – people always against it..."

By saying that, they are trying to deflect the discussion by suggesting that people are against using the CBI to do such things as the construction of housing, or the construction of hotels. For sure, the opposition political parties, and Dominicans in general want those "good things" to continue to happen! The real issue is that much more of such "good things" could have taken place if the CBI funds were spent well. There could have been more hotels, more housing, financing for an international airport, fully rehabilitated feeder roads for farmers, better main roads, better health care, more jobs, less poverty, better pay and so on. So, the real issue is whether or not the funds can be properly accounted for? If it can't be adequately accounted for, then this is a heist!

A second guy on the propaganda video comments,

"one billion dollars missing? … Where are you going to hide all that money with all these regulations …"

By peddling this false argument, they are seeking to cause people to dismiss the question on the unaccounted-for money as being ridiculous! But the Dominica Freedom Party wants you the people to know that political thieves can definitely hide that kind of money in offshore accounts! They would not be that foolish to put that amount of money in the Dominica banking system! Increased banking regulations makes money laundering more difficult, but not impossible! I concur with a commentary on "massinthecemetery.com" in which states, " while most of the services provided by the offshore industry are legal, the leaked documents (referring to the Panama Papers) show that banks, law firms and other offshore players, have consistently facilitated clients involved in criminal enterprise, tax evasion or political corruption". So, you see, it is possible to hide one billion dollars!

But it gets really suspicious in terms of how Roosevelt Skerrit and his collaborators may have moved the money if indeed this was a heist. That suspicion relates to what the leaked documents in the Panama Papers showed. It showed that an offshore account had been opened in Panama in 2009 under a corporation named the National Bank of Dominica (NBD). Note that this is an offshore company registered in Panama with a similar name as the local NBD that operates in Dominica under the Banking Act. So, here are a few questions. Is this NBD offshore (Panama) corporation a subsidiary of NBD Dominica? If yes, why was it necessary to incorporate an offshore entity? If yes, does the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank know about it, and is it in keeping with the banking legislation or good banking practices?

But if the answer is no, then this is a huge can of worms. It would mean that there may have been a deliberate set-up to divert money away from Dominica. For instance, someone seeking economic citizenship could be directed to pay the required contribution into the offshore Panama NBD corporation. In that way, it may appear to be a bona fide transaction involving the NBD Dominica when it may not be! The question then becomes, who are the shareholders of the NBD offshore Panama Corporation? Find those shareholders and you may have found the thieves, if indeed we are dealing with a heist!

The scriptures says – You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free! The Dominica Freedom Party appeals to all Dominicans - Labourites, UWPites and Freedomites, and those who are independent – to seek truth. Many seek to avoid the truth or they buy into the lies of the Roosevelt Skerrit Administration because they simply want to protect the little that they think they are getting! You are in bondage my friend if that is you! The Freedom Party wants you to know that our county can do much better and in turn you can do much better. A billion dollars could have contributed to putting our country well on its way to being a prosperous, safe and loving country!
We will continue with the discussion next week.

Kent Vital

Political Leader

Dominica Freedom Party.