New Centenarian- Emelda Romain
New Centenarian- Emelda Romain

Since the start of June, there has been an even brighter smile on the face of Potterville native Emelda Romain as she prepared to celebrate a milestone that a selected few have been blessed to accomplish.

"I remember last year saying to her, looks like we may have another centenarian celebration and she smiled and told me you think so, I told her yes, because look at you, you're still active there is no reason why you're not going to reach 100," a close family friend, Yvonne Alexander, recalls.

"She said okay we will see, and she's been smiling about that since the month started to just realize that she had done it."

On June 12, 2022, Aunty Melda, as she is known to many, celebrated with friends and family her 100th year around the sun.

A sassy and independent woman, she acts as young as she looks and still has a sharp mind, Alexander told the Sun.

Though at the time of press she could not be reached to share her secret to longevity, those who know her best credit her simple lifestyle, her healthy eating habits, but most importantly, her strong faith.

"She would be one of those, as long as she could move she would be in church," Alexander said.

Jabbed with a few aches and pains, thankfully this island's gem who was born in 1922 suffers from no chronic disease and can move about her home.

Though she only bore one daughter, Aunty Melda helped raise many of her nieces and nephews and other children in the community. In her younger days, she worked at Tropicraft and made items such as baskets and hats.

Expressing her delight that Dominica was able to record its 16th living centenarian, President of the Dominica Council on Ageing (DCOA) Ophelia Olivaccè-Marie, noted that the council recognizes in a new way, her contribution to life in Dominica.

"I am happy about that. Because usually when they have to go, and I do understand that they have to go, I get all sad. But when one is chronicled when it is said that there is this new gem, coming about, it brings a certain level of joy to the work of the council, and also the fact that we can pay attention to a new gift," she said.

As Dominica prepares to join the rest of the world in celebrating World Elder Abuse Awareness Day tomorrow, June 15, under the theme "Access to Justice", Mrs. Olivaccè-Marie stressed that the nation should be more conscious of how they treat the elderly among us.

"We need to recognize our centenarians and seniors more because the politeness we had towards them is fading," she lamented.

-By Ronda Luke