In the wake of a riveting semi-final spectacle that unfolded at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium on January 27, the calypso atmosphere is charged with anticipation and excitement as the impending 2024 Calypso Finals promise an epic clash as nine contenders step into the arena with a singular goal—to unseat the reigning monarch, Trilla G.

As the national competition entered its crucial semi-final round, calypso lovers witnessed an awe-inspiring spectacle of creativity and unparalleled passion. The stage was ablaze with the enthusiasm of 20 contenders, each bringing their unique flair to the forefront in a relentless pursuit of advancing to the final leg of the contest. The elite cadre of finalists emerges, and among them stand three former monarchs who have returned to reclaim their throne.

Dice, a nine-time Calypso King and perennial crowd favourite, solidified his path to the finals with his acclaimed song 'Wanted.' His commanding presence resonated with the audience and garnered favour from the judges.

Joining him in the quest for Calypso supremacy is another former monarch, De Bobb, who showcased his prowess with the captivating "Batting in my Kris," earning him a spot among the finalists and Tasha P, the only female calypso monarch in Dominica, who left an indelible mark on the judges with her performance of "One Chance."

Liberator, making a triumphant return from hiatus, impressed with his song "Heal the World," earning him a spot among the ten finalists. Checker, another seasoned calypsonian, secured his place with the spirited "Ah Jamming On," proving that his musical flair continues to resonate with audiences.

De Webb, a respected veteran in the calypso arena, demonstrated his prowess with "One More Chance," securing a spot in the finals. Despite announcing his retirement from Calypso, Black Diamond delivered a standout performance with "No Bull," earning him another shot at the finals.

Joy and Shanice were among the triumphant trio of female finalists whose electrifying performances reverberated with judges and audiences alike. In her second year in the Calypso competition, Joy's rendition of "Opportunity to Change" and Shanice's powerful delivery of "Fight for Justice" not only captivated but also commanded attention, securing their places in the finals.


However, amidst the highs of victory, there were also poignant moments of disappointment for some seasoned contenders. Despite their illustrious past, former monarchs Daddy Chess, Jaydee, and Observer fell short of securing a spot in the finals with their respective songs.

Daddy Chess, who made a triumphant return last year, faced an unexpected setback as his journey in the 2024 national Calypso competition concluded in the semi-finals with his song "Jah doh Like it." Similarly, Jaydee's compelling rendition of "No Party Man" couldn't propel him to the finals, leaving him to set his sights on next year's competition.

Observer's valiant effort with "In Spite of it all" marked the end of his quest for the 2024 Calypso Crown at the semi-finals.

Similarly, other veterans faced disappointment in not securing spots in the finals. Checko, despite his popularity among the crowd, couldn't sway the judges with his Calypso 'No Drumstick for You,' resulting in his exclusion from the finals. Sye made a triumphant comeback to the Calypso stage, but despite his outstanding effort at the semi-finals, the former road march king did not receive favour from the judges, preventing his progression to the finals with his song titled "Take Your Foot, Gangster Gun Slinger."

Advancing from elimination rounds and reaching the semi-finals, De Oracle's rendition of 'Co Chony' ultimately failed to clinch a coveted spot in the finals. Trendsetter, delivering a stellar performance of 'Jing Ping Bele Roose Airport' before an appreciative crowd, saw his journey come to an end at the semi-finals, unable to secure a ticket to the finals.

Mighty D, a crowd favourite, challenged Dominica's Prime Minister to join Calypso and be King. Unfortunately, his hopes for King were dashed as he did not advance to the finals with his song "PM for King."

Veteran calypsonian Explosion, who has announced his retirement from Calypso, delivered a stellar final performance at the semi-finals. However, despite his efforts, he could not move forward with "Mango Long."

Talented vocalists De Healer and AbiYah Yisrael showcased a powerful performance, but unfortunately, their journey in the 2024 national competition at the semi-finals.

With the nine finalists gearing up for the highly anticipated battle for the coveted title of Calypso Monarch on February 10, Trilla G, last year's champion in his debut appearance, asserts his readiness to defend his crown against the formidable lineup of contenders.