Two of Dominica's best musicians have produced an album that they are scheduled to launch on Thursday at the Anchorage Hotel.

The album, entitled Heritage, combines the extensive musical experience of Fitzroy Williams, one of the creators of Cadence music, with the talent of Dice, the six- time Calypso King of Dominica.

Williams told that Sun that he named the album Heritage, and designed the jacket cover so that he appears to be receding, because he is passing on his knowledge and experience to the younger generation, through Dice.

"I'm giving him all I can so that he can take that step forward because he is a talented guy," Williams said. "I cannot help him in Calypso; I prefer to help him where I can help him."

Is Dice your friend, Fitzroy?

"I'm treating him more like a son than a friend," Williams said.

Dice is the lead vocalist on the 10-song Heritage; Williams wrote all the songs (except two) and produced, financed and is currently marketing the production. (See Ian Jackson's comments on Heritage on page 15)