Students of the Convent High School ICT Club have expanded their horizon and now have an improved understanding of the workings of telecommunications in relation to Information & Communications Technologies (ICT). Over forty students from the CHS ICT Club visited telecommunications giant Flow, for a tour of the networks department at the company's premises in Roseau on 'Girls in ICT Day' observed last week.

Experienced Flow technical staff were on hand to interact with the students and provide detailed information on how the technical systems operate. The young ladies were exposed to material which helped them develop a greater appreciation for advancements in technology and the exciting opportunities that await them in this field.

At the end of the exercise, an interactive session with Flow general manager Jeffrey Baptiste resulted in several students walking away with gifts of mobile handsets and free credit. This further cemented an already solid partnership with Flow and the CHS ICT Club.

Girls in ICT Day is celebrated by over 82 countries worldwide and was observed on Thursday April 18th, 2016 under the theme 'Expand Horizons and Change Attitudes'. Girls in ICT Day features celebrations and events empowering women in the IT sector, reaching thousands of girls all over the world, letting them know that Information and Communication Technologies means a pathway to a brighter future. This movement aims to shed light on the fact that women and machinery do mix in what has been considered male dominated fields. Thus there is much room for women in the ICT arena.

This is the second time that the students of the Convent High School ICT Club observed Girls in ICT Day.