Ultra Band performs at Creole in the Park 2016
Ultra Band performs at Creole in the Park 2016

A woman with flaming-red hair takes photographs of people among hanging canopies of evergreen trees and giant leaf-shaped canvas billboards in red, green and orange advertising Petro Caribe, Heineken, Flow and Tropical Shipping.

A drunken man in a checkered shirt and shorts lets the music hit him, his face contorts as if he feels the pain.

A boy wraps an oval yellow balloon around the head of a five-year old girl, she shrieks with delight.

His Excellency President Charles Angelo Savarin cuts the shortest ribbon that you will ever see so quickly photographers collectively groan- they didn't get a shot.

There you have it-FLOW's Creole in the Park, Number 13 is launched. That was today at 2.45 pm at the Botanic Gardens.

Then Val Cuffy, now looking slimmer than Alex Bruno, his perennial co-master of ceremony introduces Ultra, the first band of the four-day music, food and promotion extravaganza that was first launched in 2003 as a day-event as patrons wait for the beginning of the World Creole Music Festival.

Before the tonight is over four bands, including the legendary Midnight Grovers, are expected to entertain a large and enthusiastic crowd who will pay a token fee.

Here's the line-up for the four-day event.

Day one

Altra Sound Band

Look-Us Band

Extacy Band

Midnight Groovers

Day two

Calypso Spectacular

Day three

Clint Henderson

Nayee and Friends

First Serenade Band

Triple Kay Band

Tian Winter

Day four

Signal Band


Ibis Lawrence

Asa Banton

Dexta Daps