Former manager of MARPIN 2K4 Ltd Pericson Isidore is demanding compensation in excess of over EC$300,000 almost eight months after he was handed his walking papers by chairman of the board Francis Emanuel.

In a letter dated June 24th, 2014 from the chambers of attorney at law Cara C. Shillingford to board chairman Emmanuel and obtained by the SUN, Isidore is seeking compensation for "wrongful dismissal" and gave MARPIN 14 days to respond or face legal action.

"We are writing on behalf of our client, Mr. Pericson Isidore. Our instructions are that by letter dated November 29th, 2013 you terminated our client's employment as General Manager of MARPIN 2k4 Limited. This dismissal was said to be with 'immediate effect'.

The letter continues: "As you are aware, our client was dismissed on the same day that DOMLEC disconnected MARPIN 2k4 Limited's electricity supply at its Morne Daniel studio. The timing of your decision to terminate our client's employment has led many persons to believe that he was responsible for MARPIN2k4 Limited's financial troubles. This inference is certainly untrue since MARPIN's financial position greatly improved during the course of our client's employment."

The letter added: "We are instructed that your actions have greatly hindered our client's chances of obtaining alternative suitable employment. His professional reputation has been destroyed both locally and internationally through the widespread publication of both incidents on the radio, internet and print media.

"Based on the above mentioned facts and other circumstances surrounding our client's dismissal, we believe that your decision to terminate our client's employment was motivated by malice."

As a result of his dismissal, Isidore is claiming payment of 24 months' salary and benefits as compensation for his wrongful dismissal. His claim is over EC$350,000 which includes travelling allowances and gratuity.

"Our client is also entitled to compensation for the breach of trust and confidence, given the circumstances surrounding his dismissal. If you fail to comply with this request for compensation within fourteen (14) days of receipt of this letter, we will commence legal proceedings against you without further notice. We look forward to amicably resolving this dispute," the letter stated.

When contacted for comments on the letter Emmanuel said: "I have no idea what you are talking about. I am out of State and will be for a few weeks."

We also spoke to Isidore who responded: "no comments."